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RE: Diablo 3 Q&A mit Jay Wilson und Wyatt Cheng am 7. Juni auf
Hat das schon jemand gelesen und ausgewertet?

I am (we are) Wyatt Cheng, Andrew Chambers, and Jay Wilson, game designers for Diablo III. AMAA! : Diablo

Ich habs bissl überflogen und es sind ein paar nette Erklärungen und Hintergrundinfos dabei.

Ever plan on adding any way to tell DPS increase/decrease from the AH interface? I've made some bad buys... alt-tabbing to use spreadsheets takes too long - the good stuff sells so quick.

Yes, we'd like to add this. I can't say when as of this point.

Do you read /r/Diablo often? It seems like a lot of the changes planned for 1.0.3 came almost directly from here.

Thanks for doing this!

Yes, I read /r/Diablo every day. We get feedback from multiple sources. The official forums, community sites, internal feedback, internal data. If a /r/Diablo link was in the top 10 anytime in the last 3 months, I probably read it.

The subreddits are pretty illuminating too. I'm a min-max'ing theorycrafter at heart (I have personal spreadsheets for other games), and I love seeing what a great job people do with Diablo 3.

Is there any plan to change the text color of gems and pages/tomes? I think it'd be nice if they stood out from normal whites. Maybe even potions could be red.

We are addressing that in a future patch. We are looking at changing the text color for pages and tomes, health potions and gems in all difficulty levels.

Would it also be possible to add an option to completely filter out whites? I've heard arguments that it would diminish the "whoa moment" when a lot of items drop, but simpler gameplay should take priority, imo.

Yea, we agree. We are looking at adding a way to enable players to turn on an option like this in the future.

Also account-bound items, like the Staff of Herding.

The Cow King got a little miffed when he saw that his Staff was a white item. He said to me "Thats udderly unnacceptable!"

We've changed the Staff of Herding and the items required to make it to stand out WAY more in your inventory in 103.

Bots are already out. Is there any plan to deal with the bots making over 400,000 gold/hour?

Caveat: My full time job is dealing with quality of game and gameplay. We have a group dedicated to security and they hate bots like the Hulk hates anger management. They are watching the game and working to thwart any major security threats, hacks, and bots that hurt the game experience.

Why don't bosses guarantee decent drops on your first kill in Nightmare or Hell? This leaves 30-60 feeing VERY dull and boring because you're not getting your loot fix. It's not a question of how do I gear up, but a statement in that beating a boss that drops two bad blues is very disheartening and is a very NEGATIVE reinforcement for continued play.

This was my decision, and I'll start by saying that Wyatt and Andrew have talked me out of it. In a future patch (not 1.0.3) we'll add this.

But so you know my reasoning I think this just moves the problem. Design intent is that at end-game we want you to stack NV and 'then' kill bosses to make farming loot more interesting. To facilitate this bosses have to stop dropping tons of rares 'at some point'.

My worry was that if it was at Inferno everyone would be like 'WTF why Inferno hardest difficulty with worst loot!?!??!' instead of the current complaint.

The reason I've decided my decision was wrong is the gap that exists between Normal first time drops and the NV farming of Inferno.

What Game Mechanics/Design Decisions do you think have been the most successful and the least successful now that we are three weeks past release?

Most Successful: Nephalem Valor. Skill System with runes and rune unlocking as you level up. Being limited to 6 skills and making tough choices. Jeweler and gem combining

Things that didn't work out as well as I had hoped: Dragging a skill by accident off your hotbar and losing your NV stack (grrr.... has happened to me twice so far). Blacksmith being tuned for a person who never uses the AH (even though everybody uses the AH). Skill diversity could be much better that it is now.

Most interesting Zone: The Rampart. Just sayin'

Could you please add custom auction timers? say I only want a 2 hour auction? or you could allow us to cancel our auctions at any point but make them in an hour from that point so long as there are no bids? I think this would help alleive alot of auction frustration

tl;dr canceling auctions or ending early

Allowing the cancelling of auctions is in patch 1.0.3 (OK, I'm 99% sure of that). We don't currently have plans to let you change times.

Could you post a breakdown of what classes are being used by HC players? Is it roughly 20% each or is it more unbalanced?

Sure why not.

I'll just pick 2 data points arbitrarily. 46-50 - where I think the game starts to get hard enough to risk death against serious players, and level 60.

Level 46-50 * Barbarian: 25.86% * Monk: 23.90% * Demon Hunter: 18.47% * Wizard: 16.96% * Witch Doctor: 14.81%

Level 60 * Barbarian: 22.67% * Monk: 21.83% * Demon Hunter: 21.04% * Wizard: 19.23% * Witch Doctor: 15.23%

If you are pulling out a calculator to add all of these up to make sure it totals 100% with an intention to call me out of it doesn't, I <3 you.

By the way, a proc chance of 2% doesn't feel legendary. It needs to happen more reliably for it to be worth anything.

We agree.

I ran 2% by the legendariness meter and it proc'd pretty low, so we want it to be higher, and more legendary!


Hardcore - Profil - R.I.P. Counter: S1: 0 | S2: 3 | S3: 1 | S4: 2

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