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Diablo 3 Beta Patch 13 verzögert sich, Release jedoch noch an diesem Wochenende geplant
Btw server down, vielleicht Patch inc.

sieht wohl so aus.

Zitat:This is completely undocumented anywhere so please read this with that in mind. I do not have any proof to show so please don't demand it. If you don't believe me, sorry then; just wait for the Official Notes.
So here are the main changes:
Runes are no longer a physical object that drops. They will be unlocked as you level for your skills over time (all the way through 60). You will unlock a skill and then at some point, each of the available runes for that skill will unlock. There are no more rune drops or rune levels. This leaves for the ability to have +rune attributes in gear and so the runes will be able to take advantage of better gear in addition to your skills. The first runes begin to unlock as early as level 6. This way, you will get something each level, all the way to Max.
In normal, skill slots will be sort of 'locked' by type of skill (mainly for newbs who have no clue how resource generators/spenders work). This will be completely unlocked by Nightmare for everyone (possibly even before then, you may be able to opt-out but that is not confirmed). It acts as sort of an introduction. For example, for Barb, L Click may be locked to a generator and R Click may be locked to a spender. Slot 3 may be utility, etc. Again, the full details of how the skill system will be locked may have been changes recently as to whether you are forced to go through with these 'locks' throughout Normal but that's how they will present it.
I do not have any other specific changes (like DH skills changes, Chat Room details, etc.). Feel free to discuss or ask questions and I will try to answer them based on what I was told. Please don't ask who provided me this or how. Again, if you don't believe me, feel free to just move on and wait for the post (I have no idea when it will occur).
Upcoming changes for Patch 13 (Insider Information Only) : Diablo

Zitat:"SkillRunesLocked","Skill Runes begin unlocking at level {s1}"

So sieht das mit den Runen aus [Bild: LUNFO.jpg]

Zitat:["JoinChannelMessage","Joining Channel: {s1}\n{s2} |4person:people; in channel","","]
["LeftChannelMessage","You have left the channel","","]
["SendChatError","There was an error sending your message: {s1}","","]
["NotYetJoinedError","You are not yet in a public chat channel.","","]
["WelcomeMessage","Welcome to Diablo III Public Chat.\nJoin a chat channel by selecting one from the drop-down above.","","]
["MemberListTitle","{s1} ({s2})","This is the channel name and the number of people in the channel. EX. \"Barbarian Chat (25)\"","]
["AcceptedInvite","{s1} invited you to a public channel.","","]
["InviteButtonTooltip","Invite to Party","","]
["PublicChat","Public Chat","","]
["InviteToChannelDialogTitle","Select a Friend to Invite","","]
["OptionsTooltip","Public Chat Options","","]
["DefaultChannelText","Select a Chat Channel","","]
Zitat:["TIP001","Click on loot to pick it up. \nItems dropped by monsters or chests are not visible to other players.","","],
["TIP002","Join a game with other random players by selecting an unlocked quest in the Public Games menu.","","],
["TIP003","Stay close! Monsters will become stronger when more players join the game. ","","],
["TIP004","Invite friends to join a game by pressing the Invite button next to their names in the Social menu.","","],
["TIP005","If your friends are already in a game when you invite them, then you can join their game instead of starting a new one.","","],
["TIP006","Choose Quest Selection on the Main Menu to start a game from any unlocked quest step.","","],
["TIP007","Equip followers with new weapons and abilities as they level up.","","],
["TIP008","A player’s shared stash, artisan levels, recipes, and gold are available to all characters on the account.","","],
["TIP009","Players can attack without moving by holding the SHIFT key. ","","],
["TIP010","Press the ALT key to see the names of the loot drops on the ground.","","],
["TIP011","Press the V key to show or hide enemy health bars.","","],
["TIP012","Demon Hunters can dual wield one-handed crossbows.","","],
["TIP013","Some skills require specific weapon types. \nCheck the tooltips to be sure.","","],
["TIP014","Click on another player’s banner to teleport to that player’s current location.","","],
["TIP015","Monsters, treasure, and terrain randomly change whenever players enter the game.","","],
["TIP016","Fight longer! Buy health potions from vendors like the bartender at the Slaughtered Calf Inn.","","],
["TIP017","All heroes start with a primary weapon attack that can be replaced by a special attack as they level up.","","],
["TIP018","The health potion’s position on the Action Bar can be changed by opening the Options menu, choosing Gameplay, and enabling Elective Mode.","","],
["TIP019","Crafting the same item multiples times may yield better results. \nEvery crafted item is different.","","],
["TIP020","Vendors sell many different items. \nVisit them all to see what they have in stock.","","],
["TIP021","Choose the Open to Friends option in the Game Privacy menu to allow friends to join your games without requesting invites.","","],
["TIP022","Banners can be customized in the Main Menu. \nNew components will become available the more you play!","","],
["TIP023","Higher difficulty modes are available in the Change Quest menu once they are unlocked.","","],
["TIP024","Defeating Normal mode will unlock the next difficulty setting, Nightmare.","","],
["TIP025","Finishing the game in Normal mode will unlock Hardcore mode, where death is permanent.","","],
["TIP026","New weapons, armor, and challenges can be found in the higher difficulty settings. ","","],
["TIP027","Click on treasure chests and weapon racks with blue highlights for special rewards.","","],
["TIP028","Health globes will heal every player in a party.","","],
["TIP029","There is no cow level.","","],
["TIP030","Choosing the Open to Friends option in Party Settings will notify friends about your game when they come online. ","","],
["TIP031","Resurrect fallen allies by clicking on their corpses.","","],
["TIP032","Change the properties of hotkeys with the Key Bindings settings in the Options menu.","","],
["TIP033","Press the J key to open the Quest Log and get details about current quest steps.","","],
["TIP034","Run over gold to pick it up. \nNo clicking needed!","","],
["TIP035","Press the D key to show or hide all players’ health bars.","","],
["TIP036","Listen up! Lore books can be replayed through their tab in the Quest Log.","","],
["TIP037","Hold the left mouse button on open ground to move without engaging enemies.","","],
["TIP038","Hold the right mouse button on open ground to move while out of combat.","","],
["TIP039","Demon Hunters can equip a quiver with any ranged weapon.","","],
["TIP040","Hold the right mouse button while in combat to automatically use the attack skill that is mapped to that button.","","],
["TIP041","Hold the CTRL key while reading a skill tooltip in order to see more detailed information.","","],
["TIP042","Share the wealth! If players drop items from their Inventory, anyone in the party will be able to take it.","","],
["TIP043","Customize the Action Bar by opening the Options menu, choosing Gameplay, and enabling Elective Mode.","","],
["TIP044","Defeating Nightmare difficulty will unlock Hell mode.","","],
["TIP045","Defeating Hell mode will unlock the ultimate difficulty mode, Inferno.","","],
["TIP046","Right-click on unidentified items to reveal their attributes and allow them to be equipped.","","]
Patch 13 Unofficial Changes - Diablo 3 Database
Zitat:Diablo 3 Beta Patch 13 verzögert sich, Release jedoch noch an diesem Wochenende geplant

grad aus dem Koma erwachend las ich folgendes:

Diablo 3 verzögert sich, Release jedoch noch an diesem Wochenende geplant.
Oweiha, das mit den freischaltbaren Runen wäre ein vernichtender Schlag und würde dem Feature die gesamte Spannung nehmen, hoffen wir mal dass das niemals eintritt. Das wäre ja dann auch nur sone Art Skilltree, wo man wieder quasi alles so oder so hat Confusedad:

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