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Now Playing - The Hidden - 05.12.2012


Now Playing - WhiteCloud - 07.12.2012



Hoffentlich gewinnen sie den Grammy-Award. Wäre so geil!


Now Playing - WhiteCloud - 08.12.2012

[COLOR="DarkOrange"]And I'm all alone and the fire grows
And I'm all alone and the fire grows[/COLOR]


Danke, Danke, Danke From Software. DANKE.


Now Playing - WhiteCloud - 10.12.2012

Virtueller Anbetungsaltar für

Joakim N. Mogren
(spoke: Wa-keem Newell Moe-grin)

[Bild: original.jpg]

"All I can tell you is that water guns will play a crucial story element."
"We at Moby Dick believe in a good old fashioned Swedish flaming whale."
"You'll see when you play. I can promise that the whale will be a playable character.
"It's an FPS RPG Shooter with puzzle and card game elements. Also sandbox."



Now Playing - The Hidden - 12.12.2012


Now Playing - WhiteCloud - 12.12.2012



Now Playing - Regulus - 13.12.2012


Now Playing - Regulus - 13.12.2012


Now Playing - berschu - 14.12.2012

natürlich Weihnachtsmusik

Now Playing - WhiteCloud - 14.12.2012

Die Serie ist wahrscheinlich scheiße, aber das Lied ist gut.