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Diablo 3: PTR Patch 2.3.0 Datamining – Massive Infos zum kommenden Content-Patch


Nur wenige Tage nachdem uns Blizzard einen offiziellen Einblick in den nächsten Diablo 3 Content-Patch 2.3.0 gewährte, gibt es heute den ersten inoffiziellen Blick auf den Patch. Denn die offiziellen Testserver haben ein Update bekommen und die Kollegen von diablofans.com konnten uns deshalb einmal mehr mit einem umfangreichen Datamining der Spieldateien versorgen.

Wie immer gilt dabei natürlich, dass die folgenden Infos mit Vorsicht zu genießen sind. Wie Community Managerin Nevalistis im offiziellen Forum verkündete, enthalten die Patch-Dateien oft auch Fragmente von internen Experimenten bzw. Systemen, an denen noch gearbeitet wird, die aber nicht mit dem jeweiligen Patch erscheinen, sei es wegen schwerer Bugs, die mehr Zeit benötigen oder weil die Systeme einfach noch nicht ausgereift genug sind.

Was das vorliegende Datamining angeht, konnte sie bereits zwei Dinge ausmachen, die es leider nicht in den Patch geschafft haben. Dazu gehören die Cursed Realms und die Möglichkeit, mit Kanais Würfel das Level von Gegenständen zu erhöhen.

Also beim Lesen immer daran denken, dass nichts davon auch so ins Spiel kommen muss. Und einige der Dinge, die ins Spiel kommen, werden während der PTR-Phase, die kurz bevor steht, auch noch verändert werden. Nevalistis wies außerdem darauf hin, dass die offiziellen Patch Notes zur Version 2.3.0 auch sehr bald erscheinen werden.

I’ve said this already on Twitter, but it bears reiteration:

Take external information and datamining with a grain of salt. When we experiment with things internally, we often leave behind remnants of those experiments even after a feature or tweak is pulled. Said details may show up in a later patch… or not at all.

It can be a lot of fun to speculate, and I encourage that discussion! But, it’s also part of our duty as community managers to help manage (see what I did thar?) expectations. There’s already a couple of strings I’ve seen that I can confirm are not making it into this patch for various reasons. Cursed Realms continue to be an internal experiment and will not be appearing in Patch 2.3.0. The ability to level a Legendary up to your level using the Kanai’s Cube was pulled because it created a lot of unforeseen interactions and nasty bugs that will take too long for us to implement for this particular patch (though we may revisit it at a later date).

It’s early yet, though. The PTR isn’t live yet, after all! I encourage you to temper your excitement over third-party info and hang tight for the official patch notes. They are on their way. 🙂

Diablo 3 Patch 2.3.0 Datamining

Kanais Würfel Rezepte

  • Extract Legendary Power –  Archive of Tal Rasha
    • 1x Legendary Item with Special Power
    • 1x Khanduran Rune
    • 1x Caldeum Nightshade
    • 1x Arreat War Tapestry
    • 1x Corrupted Angel Flesh
    • 1x Westmarch Holy Water
    • 5x Death’s Breath
  • Reforge Legendary  – Law of Kulle
    • 1x Legendary Item
    • 5x Khanduran Rune
    • 5x Caldeum Nightshade
    • 5x Arreat War Tapestry
    • 5x Corrupted Angel Flesh
    • 5x Westmarch Holy Water
    • 50x Forgotten Soul
  • Upgrade Rare Item – Hope of Cain
    • 1x Rare Equippable Level 70 Item
    • 25x Death’s Breath
    • 50x Reusable Parts
    • 50x Arcane Dust
    • 50x Veiled Crystal
  • Convert Set Item – Skill of Nilfur
    • 1x Set Item
    • 10x Death’s Breath
    • 10x Forgotten Soul
  • Remove Level Requirement – Work of Cathan
    • 1x Equippable Item
    • 1x Rank 25+ Gem of Ease
  • Convert Crafting Materials – Anger of Iben Fahd
    • 100x [PH] White, Blue, or Yellow Crafting Material
    • 1x Non Legendary Equippable Item
    • 1x Death’s Breath
  • Upgrade Item to Player’s Level – The Time of Radament
    • Removed from game
  • Convert Gems – Darkness of Radament
    • 9x Any Gem
    • 1x Any of the five act bounty reagents
  • Open Portal to Greed Realm
    • 1x Puzzle Ring
    • 1x Any Item
  • Open Portal to Not A Cow Level
    • 1x Bovine Bardiche
    • 1x Any Item
  • Open Portal to Whimseyshire  – Recipe of Impossibility
    • No data

Kanais Würfel – Allgemein

  • p3_KCube_NewVendor-There is a new Vendor in Town Look for the spirit of Zoltun Kulle…
  • p3_KCube_NewVendor_title-New Vendor Available
  • p3_KCube_Sescheron-Kanai’s Cube was last seen in the Ruins of Sescheron Proceed to the ruins and attempt to locate the long lost Cube.
  • p3_KCube_Sescheron_title-Locate the Cube
  • p3_KCube_CubeCollected -You have found the powerful Kanai’s Cube! Only Zoltun Kulle can unlock its mysterious powers. Return to town when you are able.
  • p3_KCube_CubeCollected_title -Kanai’s Cube Located!
  • p3_KCube_CubeInteract -Kanai’s Cube can now be used! Talk to Zoltun Kulle to discover its mysterious powers.
  • p3_KCube_CubeInteract_title -Using Kanai’s Cube
  • p3_KCube_AddItems -Kanai’s Cube can be used to make excting new things
    Place recipe items within the cube itself to begin.
    Either drag items to the Cube or Right-click ({icon:rmb}) on them in your inventory.
  • p3_KCube_AddItems_title -Adding Items
  • p3_KCube_RecipesPrompt -There are many ancient recipes to discover
    Click here to view the ancient recipes Zoltun Kulle successfully documented.
  • p3_KCube_RecipesPrompt_title -Recipes
  • p3_KCube_IngredientsPrompt – Each recipe is constructed from a number of ingredients
    Those ingredients are listed here, including the number of each component required.
  • p3_KCube_IngredientsPrompt_title -Recipe Ingredients
  • p3_KCube_RecipePagePrompt -The Kanai’s Cube recipe book contains many entries
    Use these buttons to page between the recipes you have available.
  • p3_KCube_RecipePagePrompt_title -Recipe Pages
  • p3_KCube_RecipeLastPage -Tal Rasha’s experiments were many and varied
    He was known for his free experimentation but also his terrible note taking! Can you uncover further lost recipes…?
  • p3_KCube_RecipeLastPage_title – Other Recipes
  • p3_KCube_TransmogPrompt – You have added sufficient ingredients to complete an experiment
    Press this button to engage the Cube and follow in the footsteps of Nilfur.
  • p3_KCube_TransmogPrompt_title -Kanai’s Cube – Transmogrify
  • p3_KCube_PowerExtracted -You have just extracted a Legendary Power
    The new power can be viewed within the Horadric Collection, accessed via a Left-Click ({icon:lmb}) here or on the accompanying power locations.
  • p3_KCube_PowerExtracted_title – Extraction
  • p3_KCube_NewPower -Newly extracted powers are indicated like this
    Once extracted, each power can be equipped at will.
    Only one power from each category can be equipped at a time.
    Left click ({icon:lmb}) to equip a power.
  • p3_KCube_NewPower_title – New Power
  • p3_KCube_CollectionPagePrompt -Kanai’s Cube can be used to extract Legendary Powers and add them to your Horadric Collection
    Use these buttons to page between the available potential powers.
  • p3_KCube_CollectionPagePrompt_title – Collection pages
  • p3_KCube_EquipFirstPower -Your first extracted power is now active
    You can view the power here.
    You can freely switch powers in town with Kanai’s Cube.
    While in the field, you can see the powers you have active listed in the Details pane.
  • p3_KCube_EquipFirstPower_title – First Power
  • p3_KCube_FirstPowerOthers – You can equip up to 3 powers, one in each category
    As you extract new powers, remember to check your Horadric Collection while in town to see these new powers and equip them.
  • p3_KCube_FirstPowerOthers_title -Equip Powers
  • p3_KCube_DuplicatePower -You have already extracted this power
    Remember to check your Horadric Collection to see the powers you already have.
    The collection can be accessed via Left-Click ({icon:lmb}) on any power slot.
  • p3_KCube_DuplicatePower_title -Duplicate
  • p3_KCube_UnequippedPower -You do not currently have a power equipped in this slot
    Remember to check your Horadric Collection to see the powers you have already extracted.
  • p3_KCube_UnequippedPower_title -Unequipped Power
  • p3_KCube_CubePaperDoll – You can view the Legendary Powers you have extracted and equipped here
    Left Click ({icon:lmb}) to view your currently equipped powers.
    You can adjust your equipped powers using Kanai’s Cube in town.
  • p3_KCube_CubePaperDoll_title – View your Powers
  • p3_KCube_TransmutePrompt -You have added sufficient ingredients to complete an experiment
    Press this button to engage the Cube and follow in the footsteps of Nilfur.
  • p3_KCube_TransmutePrompt_title – Transmute
  • p3_KCube_FirstCursedRealm – You have discovered your first portal to a Cursed Realm
    Legend has it that Tal Rasha used these realms to fuel his experiments.
    Entering one is sure to lead to great reward, if you can survive…
  • p3_KCube_FirstCursedRealm_title – Cursed Realms
  • p3_KCube_SuperReagentGet – You have just discovered a Super Reagent
    Your journey through the Cursed Realm has granted you the mysterious Super Reagent.
    It was revered by the Horadrim.
    Try using it in the Cube!
  • p3_KCube_SuperReagentGet_title – Super Reagent
  • p3_KCube_SuperReagentUse – This Super Reagent can be used in place of any other reagent
    Simply use 1 of this reagent to substitue for any amount of another reagent.
  • p3_KCube_SuperReagentUse_title – Super Reagent
  • p3_KCube_FirstCursedRealmEnter -You have discovered your first portal to a Cursed Realm
    Legend has it that Tal Rasha used these realms to fuel his experiments.
    Entering one is sure to lead to great reward, if you can survive…

Heroes of the Storm Promotion


Neue Portraitrahmen



  • Chantodo’s Resolve [Reworked]
    • 2 pieces: [Every time you hit with an attack while not in Archon form, 350% weapon damage is added to the Wave of Destruction, stacking up to 20 times.]
  • Shenlong’s Spirit [Reworked]
    • 2 pieces: [When reaching maximum Spirit, all damage is increased by 300%, but you no longer passively regenerate Spirit and 65 Spirit is drained every second until you run out of Spirit.]
  • Manajuma’s Way [ Reworked]
    • 2 pieces: [Your Hex – Angry Chicken lasts 15 seconds and movement speed as a chicken is increased by an additional 100%.]
  • Zunimassa’s Haunt
    • 2 Pieces: Now the cooldown of your Fetish Army is reduced by 80% also
  • Vyr’s Amazing Arcana [Reworked]
    • 2 pieces: [Archon gains the effect of every rune.]
    • 4 pieces: [You automatically start with 50 Archon stacks when entering Archon form.]
    • 6 pieces: [You also gain Archon stacks when you hit with an Archon ability.]
  • Embodiment of Marauder
    • 4 pieces: instead of saying „hatred spenders“ now lists „Elemental Arrow, Chakram, Impale, Multishot, and Cluster Arrow“
  • Helltooth Harness [Reworked]
    • 2 pieces: [Enemies hit by Wall of Death are afflicted by Necrosis, becoming Slowed and taking 2500% weapon damage every second for 10 seconds.]
    • 4 pieces: [After applying Necrosis to an enemy, you take 50% reduced damage for 10 seconds.]
    • 6 pieces: [Enemies afflicted by Necrosis take an 800% increased damage from your primary skills, Acid Cloud, Firebats, Zombie Charger, Grasp of the Dead, Piranhas, and Wall of Death.]
  • Wrath of the Wastes
    • 2 pieces: tooltip added „per second“
  • Uliana’s Stratagem [New]
    • 2 pieces: [Every third hit of your Spirit Generators applies Exploding Palm.]
    • 4 pieces: [Your Seven-Sided Strike deals its total damage with each hit.]
    • 6 pieces: [Your Seven-Sided Strike detonates your Exploding Palm.]
  • Spirit of Arachyr [New]
    • 2 pieces: [Summon a permanent Spider Queen who leaves behind webs that deal [1500]% weapon damage over 5 seconds and Slows enemies. The Spider Queen is commanded to move to where you cast your Corpse Spiders.]
    • 4 pieces: [Hex gains the effect of the Toad of Hugeness rune. While Toad of Hugeness is active, you take 40% reduced damage. After Toad of Hugeness finishes his meal, you will heal for 10% of your maximum Life per second for 10 seconds.]
    • 6 pieces: [The damage of your creature skills is increased by 500%. Creature skills are Corpse Spiders, Plague of Toads, Firebats, Hex, and Piranhas.]
  • Seeker of the Light [New]
    • 2 pieces: [Every use of Blessed Hammer that hits an enemy reduces the cooldown of Falling Sword and Provoke by 1 second.]
    • 4 pieces: [You take 50% less damage for 8 seconds after landing with Falling Sword.]
    • 6 pieces: [Increase the damage of Blessed Hammer by 750% and Falling Sword by 250%.]

Item Passive

Zu Beachten: Die Bezeichnung Unique_Ring ist zur internen Verwendung. Das Affix muss nicht zwangsläufig auf einem Ring landen.

  • P3_ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_001 – You take [{VALUE1}*100]% less damage for 8 seconds after landing with Falling Sword.
  • P3_ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_002 -Increase the damage of Blessed Hammer by [{VALUE1}*100]% and Falling Sword by 250%.
  • P3_ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_003 -Every use of Blessed Hammer that hits an enemy reduces the cooldown of Falling Sword and Provoke by {VALUE1} second.
  • P3_ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_004 -Increase the attack speed of Blessed Hammer by {c_magic}[{VALUE1}*100]%{/c_magic}.
  • P3_ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_005 -Multishot attacks [{VALUE1}*100]% faster.
  • P3_ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_007 -Blessed Hammer damage is increased by {c_magic}[{VALUE1}*100]%{/c_magic} for the first 3 enemies it hits.
  • P3_ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_008 -When your Blessed Hammer hits 3 or fewer enemies, {c_magic}[{VALUE1}*100]%{/c_magic} of its Wrath Cost is refunded.
  • P3_ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_006 -Strafe projectiles pierce.
  • P3_ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_009 -After applying Necrosis to an enemy, you take [{VALUE1}*100]% reduced damage for 10 seconds.
  • P3_ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_010 -Enemies afflicted by Necrosis take an [{VALUE1}*100]% increased damage from your primary skills, Acid Cloud, Firebats, Zombie Charger, Grasp of the Dead, Piranhas, and Wall of Death.
  • P3_ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_011 -Archon stacks also increase your Attack Speed, Armor and Resistances by [{VALUE1}*100]%.
  • P3_ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_012 -You also gain Archon stacks when you hit with an Archon ability.
  • P3_ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_013 -Every second while in Archon form you expel a Wave of Destruction, dealing [{VALUE1}*100]% weapon damage to enemies within 30 yards.
  • P3_ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_014 -You automatically start with {VALUE1} Archon stacks when entering Archon form.
  • Lewis_ItemPassive_Test -{c_magic}[{VALUE1} * 2]%{/c_magic} chance on hit to summon a Fetish Sycophant.
  • P3_ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_015 -Summon a permanent Spider Queen who leaves behind webs that deal [{VALUE1}*100*5]% weapon damage over 5 seconds and Slows enemies. The Spider Queen is commanded to move to where you cast your Corpse Spiders.
  • P3_ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_016 – Hex gains the effect of the Toad of Hugeness rune. While Toad of Hugeness is active, you take [{VALUE1}*100]% reduced damage. After Toad of Hugeness finishes his meal, you will heal for 10% of your maximum Life per second for 10 seconds.
  • P3_ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_017 -The damage of your creature skills is increased by [{VALUE1}*100]%. Creature skills are Corpse Spiders, Plague of Toads, Firebats, Hex, and Piranhas.
  • P3_ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_018 -Your Seven-Sided Strike deals its total damage with each hit.
  • P3_ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_019 -Every third hit of your Spirit Generators applies Exploding Palm.
  • P3_ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_020 -Your Seven-Sided Strike detonates your Exploding Palm.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_879_x1 -Gain the Leech passive.
  • P3_ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_021 -Every time you hit with an attack while not in Archon form, [{VALUE1} * 100]% weapon damage is added to the Wave of Destruction, stacking up to 20 times.
  • P3_ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_022 -The bonuses from Archon stacks now last for {c_magic}{VALUE1}{/c_magic} seconds after Archon expires.
  • P3_ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_023 -Judgment is cast at your landing location when casting Falling Sword.
  • P3_ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_024 -The first time an enemy deals damage to you, reduce that damage by {c_magic}[{value1}*100]% and Charm the enemy for 3 seconds.
  • P3_ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_025 -The damage of your Spirit Generators is increased by [{VALUE1}*100]% for each point of Spirit you have.
  • P3_ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_026 -When reaching maximum Spirit, all damage is increased by [{VALUE1}*100]%, but you no longer passively regenerate Spirit and 65 Spirit is drained every second until you run out of Spirit.
  • P3_ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_027 -Each hit with Seven-Sided Strike grants {c_magic}[{VALUE1}*100|1|]%{/c_magic} damage reduction for 7 seconds.
  • P3_ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_028 -Your Hatred generators attack 30% faster and deal {c_magic}[{VALUE1}*100]% increased damage.
  • P3_ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_029 -While channeling Firebats, gain {c_magic}{VALUE1} Life per Hit.
    ItemPassive_Unique_Mojo_010_x1_tooltipDummy_1 -Your Hex – Angry Chicken lasts 15 seconds and movement speed as a chicken is increased by an additional 100%.
  • p1_ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_945 -Spike Trap – Sticky Trap spreads to nearby enemies when it explodes.
  • P3_ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_030 -Reduces the number of items needed for set bonuses by 1 (to a minimum of 2). [NOTE: This is not the same ID as RoRG]
  • P3_ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_031 -Wall of Death can be cast up to twice again within 2 seconds before the cooldown begins.
  • P3_ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_032 -When Hammer of the Ancients hits an enemy, gain {c_magic}[{VALUE1}*100]% increased Attack Speed for 3 |4second:seconds;.
  • P3_ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_033 -Call of the Ancients gains the effect of the Ancients‘ Fury rune.
  • P3_ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_034 -Cleave deals up to {c_magic}[{VALUE1}*100]% increased damage based on percentage on missing Fury.
  • P3_ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_035 -Seismic Slam deals {c_magic}[{VALUE1}*100]% increased damage to the first two enemies it hits.
  • P3_ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_036 -Demon Hunter defensive item.
  • P3_ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_037 -Weapon Throw generates up to {c_magic}{VALUE1} additional Fury based on how far away the enemy hit is. Maximum benefit when the enemy hit is 20 or more yards away.
  • P3_ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_038 -Your Hatred Generators reduce your damage taken by {c_magic}[{VALUE1}*100]%{/c_magic} for 5 seconds.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_612_p3 -Lightning damage has a chance to turn enemies into lightning rods, causing them to pulse {c_magic}[{VALUE1}*100]%{/c_magic} weapon damage as Lightning every second to nearby enemies for 6 seconds.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Sword_1H_012_p3 -Undead and Demon enemies within 25 yards take {c_magic}[{VALUE1}*100]%{/c_magic} weapon damage as Holy every second and are sometimes knocked into the air.
  • ItemPassive_Unique_Mighty_1H_006_p3-You are surrounded by a Chilling Aura when attacking.



  • No Escape Bonus damage to Weapon Throw and Ancient Spear increased by 30% (up from 25%) and minimum range reduced to 15 yards (down from 20).
  • Cleave
    • Scattering Blast : On Critical Hits, knock enemies up into the air (reworked from knockback) and deal 80% weapon damage to enemies where they land.
  • Battle Rage
    • Ferocity : Increase movement speed by 10%. (reworked from increased duration)
    • Swords to Ploughshares : Critical Hits heal you for up to 21457 Life. (reworked from increased chance at dropping health globes)
  • Frenzy
    • Vanguard : Gain 5% movement speed  for each stack of Frenzy. (reworked from flat 25% movespeed)
  • Seismic Slam Deals 620% weapon damage to enemies up to 50 yards in front of you. (up from 45 yards)
  • War Cry


  • Hot Pursuit Increase movement speed by 20% for 4 seconds (up from 2) when you hit an enemy.
  • Numbing Traps Enemies you Slow or hit with Fan of Knives, Spike Trap, Caltrops, Grenades, and Sentry fire have their damage reduced by 25% for 5 seconds (up from 3).
  • Spike Trap Trap arms after 1.5 (down from 2) seconds. The trap has a 0.5 second (down from 2) re-arming time.
    • Long Fuse : Increases arming (changed from arming and re-arming) time to 3 seconds but increases damage to 930% weapon damage (up from 520%) in a single blast (changed from Fire). Enemies are now stunned for 2 seconds.
    • Echoing Blast : Damage increased to 575% weapon damage (up from 420%). Now explodes in a single blast that freezes targets for 3 seconds – while frozen damage taken is amplified by 20%.
    • Sticky Trap : After 1 second (down from 2) the bomb explodes dealing 915% weapon damage (up from 800% – changed from Fire) to all enemies within 12 (down from 16) yards.
    • Lightning Rod : Reworked to chain hit enemies with Lightning within 10 yards. Now will also arc from any triggered trap to any armed traps within 75 yards. Damage increased to 800% (up from 500%) over 10 hits.
  • Leech (NEW)
    • Stat: Gain 18507 Life per Hit. / Heal amount is increased by 75% of your Life per Kill.
    • Description: „For a Demon Hunter, killing is life. Kill, grow strong, and survive.“ – Mynton, Demon Hunter


  • Spiritual Attunement Now regenerates 3% of your maximum Mana per second (up from 1%).
  • Blood Ritual 20% of Mana costs are paid with Life (up from 10%).
  • Bad Medicine When you deal Poison damage to an enemy, its damage is reduced by 25% (up from 20%) for 5 seconds (up from 3).
  • Physical Attunement Swampland Attunement (reworded from Physical Attunement)
    • You and your pets gain 120 (up from 70) Physical, Poison, Fire, and Cold Resistance  for every enemy within 20 yards. (reworked to affect pets as well and added elemental resistances)
  • Corpse Spiders
    • Blazing Spiders : Throw a jar with fire spiders that that return 3 Mana to you per hit. (reworked from deal 700% Fire damage)
    • Widowmakers : Throw a jar with widowmaker spiders deal a total of 700% weapon damage as Physical. (reworked from return 3 Mana per hit)
  • Hex Hexed enemies take 15% additional damage (up from 10%).
    • Toad of Hugeness : Summon a giant toad that pulls in enemies, briefly swallows them whole then spits them back out with a layer of goo that deals 750% weapon damage as Poison over 5 seconds and increases all damage taken by 25%. (reworked from swallowing one enemy and dealing 580% damage per second).
    • Angry Chicken : Transform into an angry chicken for up to 2 seconds that can explode for 1350% weapon damage as Poison (changedfrom Physical) to all enemies within 12 yards.
    • Unstable Form : Hexed enemies explode when killed, dealing 500% weapon damage (up from 135%) as Fire to all enemies within 8 yards.
    • Jinx : Increases the magnitude of the hex to 30% additional damage (up from 20%).
  • Soul Harvest
    • Soul to Waste : Gain 5% increased movement speed for each enemy harvested. (NEW)
  • Firebomb
    • Ghost Bomb : In addition to the base explosion, the skull creates a larger blast that deals an additional 30% weapon damage as Cold (changed from Fire) to all other enemies within 28 yards.
  • Acid Cloud
    • Corpse Bomb : Raise a corpse from the ground that explodes for 620% weapon damage (up from 525%) as Fire to enemies in the area.
    • Kiss of Death : Spit a cloud of acid that deals 333% weapon damage (up from 330%) as Poison, followed by 400% weapon damage (upfrom 396%) as Poison over 3 seconds.
  • Mass Confusion Incite paranoia in enemies, confusing them and causing some to be Charmed and fight for you for 12 seconds. (added Charm effect)
    • Mass Hysteria : Up to 10 enemies (up from 6) who are not Confused become Stunned for 3 seconds.
    • Mass Hallucination : Amid the confusion, a giant spirit rampages through enemies, dealing 400% weapon damage (up from 195%) per second as Physical to enemies it passes through.
    • Unstable Realm : Reduce the cooldown of Mass Confusion to 30 seconds (down from 45).
    • Devolution : Enemies killed while Confused have a 100% chance to spawn a Zombie Dog (up from 30%).
  • Zombie Charger
    • Zombie Bears : Summon zombie bears that stampede towards your enemy. Each bear deals 400% weapon damage (up from 392%) as Poison to enemies in the area.
    • Lumbering Cold : Zombie winter bears crawl out of the ground and run in all directions, dealing 200% weapon damage (up from 196%) as Cold to nearby enemies.
    • Explosive Beast : Summon an explosive Zombie Dog that streaks toward the enemy before exploding, dealing 580% weapon damage (upfrom 532%) as Fire to all enemies within 912 yards.
  • Firebats
    • Hungry Bats : Rapidly summon two bats that each seek out a nearbyenemy for 635% weapon damage as Fire. (reworked to summon two bats at once rather than one)
    • Plague Bats : Diseased bats fly towards the enemy and infect them. Damage is slow at first, but can increase over time to a maximum of 660% weapon damage (up from 638%) as Poison.
    • Vampire Bats : Firebats‘ damage type now turns into Physical.
  • Plague of Toads
    • Piercing Toads : Mutate to frogs that pierce through enemies for 130% weapon damage as Physical. (changed from Poison)
    • Toad Affinity : Now deals Cold damage
  • Wall of Zombies Wall of Death (renamed from Wall of Zombies)
    • Description: Raise a wall (reworked from line) of zombies 28 yards wide from the ground that blocks enemies and attacks them (reworkedfrom only attacking enemies) for 800% weapon damage (up from 200%) as Physical over 6 seconds (up from 4).
    • Surrounded by Death : Raise a circle of zombies from the ground that traps and attacks nearby enemies for 1000% weapon damage (upfrom 25%) as Physical over 4 seconds (down from each attack) – reworked from zombies uprotting and attacking enemies.
    • Ring of Poison: Summon a deadly ring for 5 seconds that poisons nearby enemies for 1200% weapon damage as Poison over 8 seconds. (NEW)
    • Communing with Spirits : Summon a circle of spirits for 6 seconds that deals 1400% weapon damage as Cold, Chills nearby enemies by 60%, and reduces their damage dealt by 25% for 3 seconds. (NEW)
    • Offensive Line: Increase the width of the wall to 50 yards. All enemies in front of you are knocked back behind the wall. (NEW)
    • Fire Wall : Raise a wall of flame 40 yards wide for 8 seconds that burns enemieswho walk through, causing them to take 1000% weapon damage as Fire over 4 seconds. (NEW)


  • Unstable Anomaly When you receive fatal damage, you instead gain a shield equal to 300% of your maximum Life for 5 seconds (reworkedfrom heal for 45% max life) and release a shockwave that knocks enemies back and Stuns them for 3 seconds. (reworked from slows by 60%)
  • Archon
    • Slow Time : Arcane Blast and Arcane Strike abilities now Freeze enemies for 1 second. (added effect)


  • Blessed Hammer
    • Icebound Hammer : The hammer is made of ice, chilling enemies it passes through and has a 35% chance (up from 10% to explode on impact, dealing 460% weapon damage (up from 380%) as Cold and Freezing enemies within 6 yards for 1 seconds (down from 2).
  • Judgment
    • Mass Verdict : All enemies are drawn toward the center of the judged area.
    • Debilitate : Enemies in the judged area deal 40% reduced damage for 6 seconds. (NEW)

Patch 2.3.0 und Saison 4 Vorschau

Strings der Übersicht zu neuen Features im Spiel.

  • p2_3_BodyAdventureMode: Reality has shifted – Greater Rifts no longer require trials, Nephalem Rifts no longer need keys, and Bounties are now a great source of gold, crafting recipes and materials. Has the world gone mad?
  • p2_3_BodyKanaiCube: An ancient and unspeakably powerful Horadric artifact was entrusted to the barbarians of Sescheron before their fall. If the rumors are to be believed, a dark mage seeks it even now.
  • p2_3_BodyRuins: Once the heart of all of barbarian civilization, Sescheron is now haunted by carnivorous rodents, towering yetis, and the elusive Unclean. Every stone exudes memories of its violent end.

Store Item-Strings

Vermutlich nur für die chinesische Version relevant

Neue Schreine (eventuell)

Item Texte

  • P1_Unique_SpiritStone_008 – The monk Vhalit is said to have been driven mad with the power of this stone. Can you withstand the corruption that lies within?
  • P1_Unique_WizardHat_003 – Bestows upon the wearer both formidable power and an unsurpassed statement of fashion.
  • P1_Unique_Boots_010 – You’ve got to mind those feets.
  • P2_Unique_Shield_002 – This shield hums with the Song of the Arch.
  • P3_Unique_HandXBow_005_Old – What fevered mind conceived of this vicious device that sends spikes hurling towards one’s enemies at incredible speeds?
  • Lewis_Test_Dagger – „Blizard QA is the best except for me“ -Lewis
  • P1_flail1H_norm_unique_01 – One of the more mysterious tales in the annals of the Crusaders is that of Johanna. A powerful warrior, she disappeared suddenly. The fact that she did not take this, her favorite flail, seems to indicate that her journey was unplanned. She has not been seen since.
  • P3_Unique_WizardHat_003 – Bestows upon the wearer both formidable power and an unsurpassed statement of fashion.
  • P2_mojo_norm_unique_02 – The enchanter Yanashima hired the famous craftsman Paul of Westmarch to help her create a mojo of great power. At a critical moment, Paul’s cat Henri leapt into the mix, deep in pursuit of a mouse. Now an inseparable part of the mojo, Henri is said to be eternally searching for that mouse, which has never been seen since.
  • P3_Unique_HandXBow_005 – Valla was one of the most lethal Demon Hunters ever known, until her abrupt disappearance. Some claim that she still lives, fighting in another land. Her body was never found, but she did leave behind her prized possession
  • Unique_Helm_Set_01_p3 – “Uliana was the first to venture out amongst the laymen while retaining her status-for in those days, monks were forbidden to leave the monasteries, with their forms being used solely to commune with the gods.” -Poldamyr’s Histories of the Veradani
  • Unique_Shoulder_Set_01_p3 – “Uliana questioned the orthodoxy that the gods were actual beings, asking if they might not instead be metaphors to guide the monk’s spiritual development. For her temerity, she was ordered to wander the world and seek repentance.”-Poldamyr’s Histories of the Veradani
  • Unique_Chest_Set_01_p3 – “Ultimately, she was unable to view her exile as punishment, as she firmly believed the monks’ true calling was to inspire the masses, not lock themselves away.” -Poldamyr’s Histories of the Veradani
  • Unique_Pants_Set_01_p3 – “Uliana’s beliefs were forever altered when she was attacked on the road by beings she believed to be agents of the gods of chaos-if not the gods themselves. She had never imagined beings of such horror could actually exist.” -Poldamyr’s Histories of the Veradani
  • Unique_Gloves_Set_01_p3 – “After her encounter with the demonic creatures in the Aranoch, Uliana became obsessed with defeating the gods of chaos, and, to this end, began adapting the forms of the Veradani towards the martial style every monk is familiar with today.” -Poldamyr’s Histories of the Veradani
  • Unique_Boots_Set_01_p3 – “Uliana’s passion to defeat the gods of chaos drew the ire of the Patriarchs, for a monk was to seek balance in all things. She disappeared shortly after her excommunication, never to be seen again, swearing to eradicate all agents of chaos for the good of all mankind.” -Poldamyr’s Histories of the Veradani
  • Unique_Helm_Set_02_p3 – “Some creatures are born of chaos. They can be summoned, but never tamed.” -The Tomes of Creation
  • Unique_Shoulder_Set_02_p3 – “Arachyr was the first of the beasts created for this world. As such, he is father to all others.” -The Tomes of Creation
  • Unique_Chest_Set_02_p3 – “Arachyr is often portrayed as a spider, but there is much debate as to how many legs he actually had.” -The Tomes of Creation
  • Unique_Pants_Set_02_p3 – “Much like his uncontrollable children, it is said he can be charmed to do ones bidding-but often turns on his supplicants with no warning.” -The Tomes of Creation
  • Unique_Gloves_Set_02_p3 – “The unpredictability of the children of Arachyr is also their strength.” -The Tomes of Creation
  • Unique_Helm_Set_03_p3 – Some Crusaders fought the Darkness. Crusader Anajinn sought the Light.
  • Unique_Shoulder_Set_03_p3 – The Crusader Anajinn believed that the Light could be found in everyone. But it was dimmed, and in need of succor from some external source.
  • Unique_Chest_Set_03_p3 – The Crusader Anajinn knew that the search for the Light would be the greatest test of her life. She embraced it eagerly.
  • Unique_Pants_Set_03_p3 – Anajinn took an apprentice who would seek the Light as she had, and her master before her.
  • Unique_Boots_Set_03_p3 – Anajinn’s apprentice became Anajinn in her time, and the search for the Light continued.
  • Unique_Gloves_Set_03_p3 – Anajinn knew the Darkness would take her before the Light was found. But it did not matter, it had always been the search that mattered.
  • P3_Unique_Ring_107 – „Contemporary accounts say the Mad King’s ring was a wonder to behold, its many jewels glinting like stars in the firmament.“ —Abd al-Hazir
  • P3_Unique_Bracer_101 – “Always seeking to improve the Crusaders’ efficiency, Akkhan’s Master Blacksmith Gabriel crafted these bracers to ease the strain of summoning the Blessed Hammer.” -Rennold’s Catalogue of Arms
  • P3_Unique_Belt_01 – “Fall upon your enemies like divine retribution from above.” -Elder Crusader Drakon
  • P3_Unique_Belt_02 – “Fazula, like many wizards, was obsessed with power. She claimed this belt was crafted by Vyr himself, but I doubt that. Like many, she wanted to benefit from another’s notoriety. What cannot be denied, however, was its effectiveness.” -Abd al-Hazir
  • P3_Unique_Belt_03 – All that was ever found of Uliana after her disappearance.
  • P1_fistWeapon_norm_unique_01 – The ferocity of Uliana’s unrelenting attacks was often compared to that of a lion.
  • P2_handXbow_norm_unique_03 – “Whispers abound of Kovan’s insatiable lust for slaughtering the denizens of the Burning Hells. May the gods save the world if the day comes when he no longer has demons to fight” -Tales of the Wasteland
  • P3_Unique_Bracer_102 – For those who may not be sufficiently holy to find refuge in Inna’s arms.
  • P3_Unique_Bracer_103 – Steadies the arm and brings calm certainty in the face of death.
  • P3_Unique_Bracer_104 – “These bracers appear to utilize primal forces channeled from the ground itself. Interesting, to say the least.” -Abd al-hazir
  • P3_Unique_Bracer_105 – “I do not care if these were forged in long dead furnaces by the Ancients themselves. They help me crush my enemies; that is all that matters.” -Aletur of Sescheron
  • P3_Unique_Bracer_106 – You can still see traces of the blood left by the demonic multitudes Jeram slew on his quest for revenge.
  • P3_Unique_Bracer_107 – It is claimed that Arachyr was able to restore the vital life essence of his followers by using creatures spawned from the realm that lies between our world and the Unformed Land.
  • P3_Unique_Spear_001 – A relic from the time before the fall of Arreat.
  • P3_Unique_Belt_005 – Your hatred knows no bounds.
  • P3_Unique_Shoulder_102 – This mantle was crafted by one banished from the sacred mountain, in order to commune with the ancients.
  • P3_Unique_Sword_1H_104 – The Quinblades are the only surviving weapons forged by master swordsmith Morad Peerse, each a unique expression of his craft. Made during Peerse’s Early Period, Fulminator expresses, through blinding speed and arcing lightning strikes, its maker’s youthful exuberance and the joy he found in his craft.
  • P3_Unique_Sword_1H_012 – Before he fell, Izual was the bearer of the runeblade Azurewrath, an ancient sword blessed by the Song of the Arch as an instrument of the righteous.
  • P3_Unique_Mighty_1H_006 – It takes a sturdy weapon to survive on the shores of the Frozen Sea.

Benchmark Strings

Diese Strings könnten auf eine Alternative zum entfernten Reich der Prüfungen hinweisen.

Neue Erfolge

      • SeasonGreaterRifts15Solo_NoSet_Title_Tag – Alone Tonight
      • SeasonGreaterRifts15Solo_NoSet_Description_Tag – Reach Greater Rift Level 15 Solo without the bonuses of any of the following Class sets.
      • SeasonGreaterRifts15Solo_NoSet_Criteria_1 – Armor of Akkhan
      • SeasonGreaterRifts15Solo_NoSet_Criteria_2 – Embodiment of the Marauder
      • SeasonGreaterRifts15Solo_NoSet_Criteria_3 – Firebird’s Finery
      • SeasonGreaterRifts15Solo_NoSet_Criteria_4 – Helltooth Harness
      • SeasonGreaterRifts15Solo_NoSet_Criteria_5 – Immortal King’s Call
      • SeasonGreaterRifts15Solo_NoSet_Criteria_6 – Inna’s Mantra
      • SeasonGreaterRifts15Solo_NoSet_Criteria_7 – Might of the Earth
      • SeasonGreaterRifts15Solo_NoSet_Criteria_8 – Monkey King’s Garb
      • SeasonGreaterRifts15Solo_NoSet_Criteria_9 – Natalya’s Vengeance
      • SeasonGreaterRifts15Solo_NoSet_Criteria_10 – Raiment of a Thousand Storms
      • SeasonGreaterRifts15Solo_NoSet_Criteria_11 – Raiment of the Jade Harvester
      • SeasonGreaterRifts15Solo_NoSet_Criteria_12 – Roland’s Legacy
      • SeasonGreaterRifts15Solo_NoSet_Criteria_13 – Tal Rasha’s Elements
      • SeasonGreaterRifts15Solo_NoSet_Criteria_14 – The Legacy of Raekor
      • SeasonGreaterRifts15Solo_NoSet_Criteria_15 – The Shadow’s Mantle
      • SeasonGreaterRifts15Solo_NoSet_Criteria_16 – Thorns of the Invoker
      • SeasonGreaterRifts15Solo_NoSet_Criteria_17 – Vyr’s Amazing Arcana
      • SeasonGreaterRifts15Solo_NoSet_Criteria_18 – Zunimassa’s Haunt
      • SeasonGreaterRifts15Solo_NoSet_Criteria_19 – Delsere’s Magnum Opus
      • SeasonGreaterRifts15Solo_NoSet_Criteria_20 – Unhallowed Essence
      • SeasonGreaterRifts15Solo_NoSet_Criteria_21 – Wrath of the Wastes
      • SeasonGreaterRifts15Solo_NoSet_Criteria_23 – Seeker of the Light
      • SeasonGreaterRifts15Solo_NoSet_Criteria_24 – Uliana’s Stratagem
      • SeasonGreaterRifts15Solo_NoSet_Criteria_25 – Spirit of Arachyr
      • SeasonGreaterRifts20Solo_NoSet_Title_Tag – 20/20 Vision
      • SeasonGreaterRifts20Solo_NoSet_Description_Tag – Reach Greater Rift Level 20 Solo without the bonuses of any of the following Class sets.
      • SeasonGreaterRifts20Solo_NoSet_Criteria_1 – Armor of Akkhan
      • SeasonGreaterRifts20Solo_NoSet_Criteria_2 – Embodiment of the Marauder
      • SeasonGreaterRifts20Solo_NoSet_Criteria_3 – Firebird’s Finery
      • SeasonGreaterRifts20Solo_NoSet_Criteria_4 – Helltooth Harness
      • SeasonGreaterRifts20Solo_NoSet_Criteria_5 – Immortal King’s Call
      • SeasonGreaterRifts20Solo_NoSet_Criteria_6 – Inna’s Mantra
      • SeasonGreaterRifts20Solo_NoSet_Criteria_7 – Might of the Earth
      • SeasonGreaterRifts20Solo_NoSet_Criteria_8 – Monkey King’s Garb
      • SeasonGreaterRifts20Solo_NoSet_Criteria_9 – Natalya’s Vengeance
      • SeasonGreaterRifts20Solo_NoSet_Criteria_10 – Raiment of a Thousand Storms
      • SeasonGreaterRifts20Solo_NoSet_Criteria_11 – Raiment of the Jade Harvester
      • SeasonGreaterRifts20Solo_NoSet_Criteria_12 – Roland’s Legacy
      • SeasonGreaterRifts20Solo_NoSet_Criteria_13 – Tal Rasha’s Elements
      • SeasonGreaterRifts20Solo_NoSet_Criteria_14 – The Legacy of Raekor
      • SeasonGreaterRifts20Solo_NoSet_Criteria_15 – The Shadow’s Mantle
      • SeasonGreaterRifts20Solo_NoSet_Criteria_16 – Thorns of the Invoker
      • SeasonGreaterRifts20Solo_NoSet_Criteria_17 – Vyr’s Amazing Arcana
      • SeasonGreaterRifts20Solo_NoSet_Criteria_18 – Zunimassa’s Haunt
      • SeasonGreaterRifts20Solo_NoSet_Criteria_19 – Delsere’s Magnum Opus
      • SeasonGreaterRifts20Solo_NoSet_Criteria_20 – Unhallowed Essence
      • SeasonGreaterRifts20Solo_NoSet_Criteria_21 – Wrath of the Wastes
      • SeasonGreaterRifts20Solo_NoSet_Criteria_23 – Seeker of the Light
      • SeasonGreaterRifts20Solo_NoSet_Criteria_24 – Uliana’s Stratagem
      • SeasonGreaterRifts20Solo_NoSet_Criteria_25 – Sprit of Arachyr
      • SeasonGreaterRifts25Solo_NoSet_Title_Tag – Quarter Rift Crisis
      • SeasonGreaterRifts25Solo_NoSet_Description_Tag – Reach Greater Rift Level 25 Solo without the bonuses of any of the following Class sets.
      • SeasonGreaterRifts25Solo_NoSet_Criteria_1 – Armor of Akkhan
      • SeasonGreaterRifts25Solo_NoSet_Criteria_2 – Embodiment of the Marauder
      • SeasonGreaterRifts25Solo_NoSet_Criteria_3 – Firebird’s Finery
      • SeasonGreaterRifts25Solo_NoSet_Criteria_4 – Helltooth Harness
      • SeasonGreaterRifts25Solo_NoSet_Criteria_5 – Immortal King’s Call
      • SeasonGreaterRifts25Solo_NoSet_Criteria_6 – Inna’s Mantra
      • SeasonGreaterRifts25Solo_NoSet_Criteria_7 – Might of the Earth
      • SeasonGreaterRifts25Solo_NoSet_Criteria_8 – Monkey King’s Garb
      • SeasonGreaterRifts25Solo_NoSet_Criteria_9 – Natalya’s Vengeance
      • SeasonGreaterRifts25Solo_NoSet_Criteria_10 – Raiment of a Thousand Storms
      • SeasonGreaterRifts25Solo_NoSet_Criteria_11 – Raiment of the Jade Harvester
      • SeasonGreaterRifts25Solo_NoSet_Criteria_12 – Roland’s Legacy
      • SeasonGreaterRifts25Solo_NoSet_Criteria_13 – Tal Rasha’s Elements
      • SeasonGreaterRifts25Solo_NoSet_Criteria_14 – The Legacy of Raekor
      • SeasonGreaterRifts25Solo_NoSet_Criteria_15 – The Shadow’s Mantle
      • SeasonGreaterRifts25Solo_NoSet_Criteria_16 – Thorns of the Invoker
      • SeasonGreaterRifts25Solo_NoSet_Criteria_17 – Vyr’s Amazing Arcana
      • SeasonGreaterRifts25Solo_NoSet_Criteria_18 – Zunimassa’s Haunt
      • SeasonGreaterRifts25Solo_NoSet_Criteria_19 – Delsere’s Magnum Opus
      • SeasonGreaterRifts25Solo_NoSet_Criteria_20 – Unhallowed Essence
      • SeasonGreaterRifts25Solo_NoSet_Criteria_21 – Wrath of the Wastes
      • SeasonGreaterRifts25Solo_NoSet_Criteria_23 – Seeker of the Light
      • SeasonGreaterRifts25Solo_NoSet_Criteria_24 – Uliana’s Stratagem
      • SeasonGreaterRifts25Solo_NoSet_Criteria_25 – Spirit of Arachyr
      • SeasonGreaterRifts30Solo_NoSet_Title_Tag – Under My Skin
      • SeasonGreaterRifts30Solo_NoSet_Description_Tag – Reach Greater Rift Level 30 Solo without the bonuses of any of the following Class sets.
      • SeasonGreaterRifts30Solo_NoSet_Criteria_1 – Armor of Akkhan
      • SeasonGreaterRifts30Solo_NoSet_Criteria_2 – Embodiment of the Marauder
      • SeasonGreaterRifts30Solo_NoSet_Criteria_3 – Firebird’s Finery
      • SeasonGreaterRifts30Solo_NoSet_Criteria_4 – Helltooth Harness
      • SeasonGreaterRifts30Solo_NoSet_Criteria_5 – Immortal King’s Call
      • SeasonGreaterRifts30Solo_NoSet_Criteria_6 – Inna’s Mantra
      • SeasonGreaterRifts30Solo_NoSet_Criteria_7 – Might of the Earth
      • SeasonGreaterRifts30Solo_NoSet_Criteria_8 – Monkey King’s Garb
      • SeasonGreaterRifts30Solo_NoSet_Criteria_9 – Natalya’s Vengeance
      • SeasonGreaterRifts30Solo_NoSet_Criteria_10 – Raiment of a Thousand Storms
      • SeasonGreaterRifts30Solo_NoSet_Criteria_11 – Raiment of the Jade Harvester
      • SeasonGreaterRifts30Solo_NoSet_Criteria_12 – Roland’s Legacy
      • SeasonGreaterRifts30Solo_NoSet_Criteria_13 – Tal Rasha’s Elements
      • SeasonGreaterRifts30Solo_NoSet_Criteria_14 – The Legacy of Raekor
      • SeasonGreaterRifts30Solo_NoSet_Criteria_15 – The Shadow’s Mantle
      • SeasonGreaterRifts30Solo_NoSet_Criteria_16 – Thorns of the Invoker
      • SeasonGreaterRifts30Solo_NoSet_Criteria_17 – Vyr’s Amazing Arcana
      • SeasonGreaterRifts30Solo_NoSet_Criteria_18 – Zunimassa’s Haunt
      • SeasonGreaterRifts30Solo_NoSet_Criteria_19 – Delsere’s Magnum Opus
      • SeasonGreaterRifts30Solo_NoSet_Criteria_20 – Unhallowed Essence
      • SeasonGreaterRifts30Solo_NoSet_Criteria_21 – Wrath of the Wastes
      • SeasonGreaterRifts30Solo_NoSet_Criteria_23 – Seeker of the Light
      • SeasonGreaterRifts30Solo_NoSet_Criteria_24 – Uliana’s Stratagem
      • SeasonGreaterRifts30Solo_NoSet_Criteria_25 – Spirit of Arachyr
      • SeasonGreaterRifts35Solo_NoSet_Title_Tag – Swagger Like Us
      • SeasonGreaterRifts35Solo_NoSet_Description_Tag – Reach Greater Rift Level 35 Solo without the bonuses of any of the following Class sets.
      • SeasonGreaterRifts35Solo_NoSet_Criteria_1 – Armor of Akkhan
      • SeasonGreaterRifts35Solo_NoSet_Criteria_2 – Embodiment of the Marauder
      • SeasonGreaterRifts35Solo_NoSet_Criteria_3 – Firebird’s Finery
      • SeasonGreaterRifts35Solo_NoSet_Criteria_4 – Helltooth Harness
      • SeasonGreaterRifts35Solo_NoSet_Criteria_5 – Immortal King’s Call
      • SeasonGreaterRifts35Solo_NoSet_Criteria_6 – Inna’s Mantra
      • SeasonGreaterRifts35Solo_NoSet_Criteria_7 – Might of the Earth
      • SeasonGreaterRifts35Solo_NoSet_Criteria_8 – Monkey King’s Garb
      • SeasonGreaterRifts35Solo_NoSet_Criteria_9 – Natalya’s Vengeance
      • SeasonGreaterRifts35Solo_NoSet_Criteria_10 – Raiment of a Thousand Storms
      • SeasonGreaterRifts35Solo_NoSet_Criteria_11 – Raiment of the Jade Harvester
      • SeasonGreaterRifts35Solo_NoSet_Criteria_12 – Roland’s Legacy
      • SeasonGreaterRifts35Solo_NoSet_Criteria_13 – Tal Rasha’s Elements
      • SeasonGreaterRifts35Solo_NoSet_Criteria_14 – The Legacy of Raekor
      • SeasonGreaterRifts35Solo_NoSet_Criteria_15 – The Shadow’s Mantle
      • SeasonGreaterRifts35Solo_NoSet_Criteria_16 – Thorns of the Invoker
      • SeasonGreaterRifts35Solo_NoSet_Criteria_17 – Vyr’s Amazing Arcana
      • SeasonGreaterRifts35Solo_NoSet_Criteria_18 – Zunimassa’s Haunt
      • SeasonGreaterRifts35Solo_NoSet_Criteria_19 – Delsere’s Magnum Opus
      • SeasonGreaterRifts35Solo_NoSet_Criteria_20 – Unhallowed Essence
      • SeasonGreaterRifts35Solo_NoSet_Criteria_21 – Wrath of the Wastes
      • SeasonGreaterRifts35Solo_NoSet_Criteria_23 – Seeker of the Light
      • SeasonGreaterRifts35Solo_NoSet_Criteria_24 – Uliana’s Stratagem
      • SeasonGreaterRifts35Solo_NoSet_Criteria_25 – Spirit of Arachyr
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Title_Tag – Legendary
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Description_Tag – Reach Greater Rift Level 40 Solo without the bonuses of any of the following Class sets.
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Criteria_1 – Armor of Akkhan
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Criteria_2 – Embodiment of the Marauder
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Criteria_3 – Firebird’s Finery
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Criteria_4 – Helltooth Harness
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Criteria_5 – Immortal King’s Call
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Criteria_6 – Inna’s Mantra
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Criteria_7 – Might of the Earth
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Criteria_8 – Monkey King’s Garb
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Criteria_9 – Natalya’s Vengeance
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Criteria_10 – Raiment of a Thousand Storms
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Criteria_11 – Raiment of the Jade Harvester
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Criteria_12 – Roland’s Legacy
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Criteria_13 – Tal Rasha’s Elements
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Criteria_14 – The Legacy of Raekor
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Criteria_15 – The Shadow’s Mantle
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Criteria_16 – Thorns of the Invoker
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Criteria_17 – Vyr’s Amazing Arcana
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Criteria_18 – Zunimassa’s Haunt
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Criteria_19 – Delsere’s Magnum Opus
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Criteria_20 – Unhallowed Essence
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Criteria_21 – Wrath of the Wastes
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Criteria_23 – Seeker of the Light
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Criteria_24 – Uliana’s Stratagem
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Criteria_25 – Spirit of Arachyr
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Conquest_Title_Tag – The Thrill
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Conquest_Description_Tag – Reach Greater Rift Level 40 Solo without the bonuses of any of the following Class sets.
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Conquest_Criteria_1 – Armor of Akkhan
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Conquest_Criteria_2 – Embodiment of the Marauder
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Conquest_Criteria_3 – Firebird’s Finery
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Conquest_Criteria_4 – Helltooth Harness
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Conquest_Criteria_5 – Immortal King’s Call
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Conquest_Criteria_6 – Inna’s Mantra
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Conquest_Criteria_7 – Might of the Earth
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Conquest_Criteria_8 – Monkey King’s Garb
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Conquest_Criteria_9 – Natalya’s Vengeance
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Conquest_Criteria_10 – Raiment of a Thousand Storms
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Conquest_Criteria_11 – Raiment of the Jade Harvester
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Conquest_Criteria_12 – Roland’s Legacy
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Conquest_Criteria_13 – Tal Rasha’s Elements
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Conquest_Criteria_14 – The Legacy of Raekor
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Conquest_Criteria_15 – The Shadow’s Mantle
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Conquest_Criteria_16 – Thorns of the Invoker
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Conquest_Criteria_17 – Vyr’s Amazing Arcana
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Conquest_Criteria_18 – Zunimassa’s Haunt
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Conquest_Criteria_19 – Delsere’s Magnum Opus
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Conquest_Criteria_20 – Unhallowed Essence
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Conquest_Criteria_21 – Wrath of the Wastes
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Conquest_Criteria_23 – 2.3 Crusader Set
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Conquest_Criteria_24 – 2.3 Monk Set
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_Conquest_Criteria_25 – 2.3 Witch Doctor Set
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_ConquestHC_Title_Tag – Super Human
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_ConquestHC_Description_Tag – Reach Greater Rift Level 40 Solo without the bonuses of any of the following Class sets in Hardcore mode.
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_ConquestHC_Criteria_1 – Armor of Akkhan
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_ConquestHC_Criteria_2 – Embodiment of the Marauder
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_ConquestHC_Criteria_3 – Firebird’s Finery
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_ConquestHC_Criteria_4 – Helltooth Harness
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_ConquestHC_Criteria_5 – Immortal King’s Call
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_ConquestHC_Criteria_6 – Inna’s Mantra
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_ConquestHC_Criteria_7 – Might of the Earth
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_ConquestHC_Criteria_8 – Monkey King’s Garb
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_ConquestHC_Criteria_9 – Natalya’s Vengeance
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_ConquestHC_Criteria_10 – Raiment of a Thousand Storms
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_ConquestHC_Criteria_11 – Raiment of the Jade Harvester
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_ConquestHC_Criteria_12 – Roland’s Legacy
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_ConquestHC_Criteria_13 – Tal Rasha’s Elements
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_ConquestHC_Criteria_14 – The Legacy of Raekor
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_ConquestHC_Criteria_15 – The Shadow’s Mantle
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_ConquestHC_Criteria_16 – Thorns of the Invoker
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_ConquestHC_Criteria_17 – Vyr’s Amazing Arcana
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_ConquestHC_Criteria_18 – Zunimassa’s Haunt
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_ConquestHC_Criteria_19 – Delsere’s Magnum Opus
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_ConquestHC_Criteria_20 – Unhallowed Essence
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_ConquestHC_Criteria_21 – Wrath of the Wastes
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_ConquestHC_Criteria_23 – 2.3 Crusader Set
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_ConquestHC_Criteria_24 – 2.3 Monk Set
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_NoSet_ConquestHC_Criteria_25 – 2.3 Witch Doctor Set
      • Season_SK_Challenge_1_Title_Tag – Instant Karma
      • Season_SK_Challenge_1_Description_Tag – Have the Skeleton King kill 15 of his own Forgotten skeletons at level 70 on Torment I difficulty or higher.
      • Season_Butcher_No_Hits_Title_Tag – Fire Bad!
      • Season_Butcher_No_Hits_Description_Tag – Kill the Butcher at level 70 without being burned by floor fires or being grabbed by Ancient Spear on Torment I difficulty or higher.
      • X1_Maghda_Timed_Title_Tag_1 – Freaks Have More Fun
      • X1_Maghda_Timed_Description_Tag_1 – Kill 20 Unholy Thralls during the Maghda encounter at level 70 on Torment II difficulty or higher.
      • Season_Zoltun_Kulle_No_Guardian_Title_Tag – Kulle Duel
      • Season_Zoltun_Kulle_No_Guardian_Description_Tag – Kill Zoltun Kulle at level 70 without killing either of his Eternal Guardians on Torment II difficulty or higher.
      • Season_Zoltun_Kulle_No_Guardian_Criteria_1 – Zoltun Kulle No Guardian Criteria 1
      • Season_Belial_No_Meteors X1_Title_Tag – Good Eye
      • Season_Belial_No_Meteors X1_Description_Tag – Kill Belial at level 70 without dying and without getting hit by his projectile or meteor attacks on Torment II difficulty or higher.
      • Season_Kill_DemonTroopers_SiegeBreaker_Title_Tag – Like Clockwork
      • Season_Kill_DemonTroopers_SiegeBreaker_Description_Tag – Kill 8 Demon Troopers in 3 seconds during the Siegebreaker encounter at level 70 on Torment III difficulty or higher.
      • Season_Spiders_No_Damage_Title_Tag – Antivenom
      • Season_Spiders_No_Damage_Description_Tag – Kill Cydaea at level 70 without taking damage from her Spiderlings on Torment III difficulty or higher.
      • Season_Spiders_No_Damage_Criteria_1 – Spiders No Damage Criteria 1
      • X1_Azmodan_No_Fireball_Title_Tag_1 – Be Cool
      • X1_Azmodan_No_Fireball_Description_Tag_1 – Kill Azmodan at level 70 without getting hit by a fireball or walking over the bloody demonic ground on Torment III difficulty or higher.
      • X1_Diablo_Bone_Cage_Title_Tag_1 – Tension
      • X1_Diablo_Bone_Cage_Description_Tag_1

– Kill Diablo at level 70 without getting hit by the Hell Spikes, Fire


      Nova, and Lightning Breath attacks on Torment IV difficulty or higher.


      • X1_Rakanoth_Timed_Title_Tag_1 – Peace of Mind
      • X1_Rakanoth_Timed_Description_Tag_1 – Kill Rakanoth at level 70 after surviving his Blade Strike attack 5 times on Torment IV difficulty or higher.
      • Season_Adria_No_Hits_Title_Tag – Move For Me
      • Season_Adria_No_Hits_Description_Tag – Kill Adria at level 70 after surviving 3 Cauldron Eruptions and not getting hit by her Blood Ball attack on Torment V difficulty or higher.
      • Season_Malthael_No_Hits_Title_Tag – Never Reap Alone
      • Season_Malthael_No_Hits_Description_Tag – Kill Malthael at level 70 without being hit by his Death Fog, Drain Soul, Skull Spiral, Soul Nova or Soul Sweep attacks on Torment V difficulty or higher.
      • X1_Ghom_Timed_Title_Tag_1 – Ghom Appetit
      • X1_Ghom_Timed_Description_Tag_1 – Kill Ghom at level 70 in under 30 seconds on Torment III difficulty or higher.
      • Boss_Timed_Criteria_35 – Boss Timed Criteria
      • Season_Kill_Izual_not_Adds_Title_Tag – Angel On My Shoulder
      • Season_Kill_Izual_not_Adds_Description_Tag – Kill Izual at level 70 without killing any Oppressors or Servants of Izual on Torment IV difficulty or higher.
      • X1_Rakanoth_Timed_Title_Tag_2 – Because I Spit Hot Fire
      • X1_Rakanoth_Timed_Description_Tag_2 – Kill Urzael at level 70 after surviving his Burning Cannonball attack 5 times on Torment V difficulty or higher.
      • Season_Journey – Season Journey
      • Season_JourneyCasual – Casual
      • Season_JourneyAdvanced – Advanced
      • SeasonJourneyMainPartI_Title_Tag – Chapter I
      • SeasonJourneyMainPartI_Description_Tag – Complete the Chapter I objectives.
      • Level_10_Title_Tag_2 – Fearless Veteran
      • Level_10_Description_Tag_2

– Reach level 35. If enemies are too easy, raising the difficulty will


      also increase the amount of experience you gain. You can raise the


      difficulty outside of game through the Game Settings UI.


      • SeasonJourneyMainPartII_Title_Tag – Chapter II
      • SeasonJourneyMainPartII_Description_Tag – Complete the Chapter II objectives.
      • Season_JourneyPart_I – Objectives
      • Part_I_Criteria_1 – level 35 temp
      • Level_5_Blacksmith_Title_Tag_1 – Iron Heart
      • Level_5_Blacksmith_Description_Tag_1 – Raise the Blacksmith to level 5. The Blacksmith crafts weapons and armors and salvages items into crafting materials for you.
      • Level_10_Blacksmith_Title_Tag_2 – A Life with Meaning
      • Level_10_Blacksmith_Description_Tag_1 – Raise the Blacksmith to level 10. Leveling up the Blacksmith unlocks access to higher level weapon and armor recipes.
      • Level_12_Blacksmith_Title_Tag_1 – Forged Credentials
      • Level_12_Blacksmith_Description_Tag_1

– Raise the Blacksmith to level 12. You will need Death’s Breath, which


      can found by killing Rare or Champion enemies level 61 or higher.


      • Level_5_Jeweler_Title_Tag_1 – I Like Jewels
      • Level_5_Jeweler_Description_Tag_1 – Raise the Jeweler to level 5. The Jeweler crafts gems and jewelry and unsockets gems for you.
      • Level_10_Jeweler_Title_Tag_2 – Just a Hobby
      • Level_10_Jeweler_Description_Tag_1 – Raise the Jeweler to level 10. Leveling up the Jeweler unlocks access to higher level gem recipes.
      • Level_12_Jeweler_Title_Tag_1 – Run the Jewels
      • Level_12_Jeweler_Description_Tag_1 – Raise the Jeweler to level 12. You will need Death’s Breath, which can found by killing Rare or Champion enemies level 61 or higher.
      • Level_5_Mystic_Title_Tag_1 – Magic Mystical Tour
      • Level_5_Mystic_Description_Tag_1 – Raise the Mystic to level 5. The Mystic can replace one unwanted property on each item for you. The Mystic can also change the look of your items via Transmogrification.
      • Level_10_Mystic_Title_Tag_1 – Valuable Vecin
      • Level_10_Mystic_Description_Tag_1 – Raise the Mystic to level 10. Leveling up the Mystic enables her to enchant more item types and unlocks new Transmogrify looks.
      • Level_12_Mystic_Title_Tag_2 – Maximum Myriam
      • Level_12_Mystic_Description_Tag_1 – Raise the Mystic to level 12. Level 11 enables the ability to enchant Rings and level 12 enables the ability to enchant Helms and Pants.
      • Part_I_Criteria_2 – bs level 5 temp
      • Part_I_Criteria_3 – jeweler level 5 temp
      • Part_I_Criteria_4 – mystic level 5 temp
      • Level_10_Title_Tag_3 – Hero of Sanctuary
      • Level_10_Description_Tag_3 – Reach level 60.
      • Level_10_Title_Tag_4 – Above & Beyond
      • Level_10_Description_Tag_4 – Reach level 70.
      • Part_I_Criteria_5 – level 60 temp
      • Part_I_Criteria_6 – bs level 10 temp
      • Part_I_Criteria_7 – jeweler level 10 temp
      • Part_I_Criteria_8 – mystic level 10 temp
      • SeasonJourneyMainPartII_Title_Tag_1 – Chapter III
      • SeasonJourneyMainPartII_Description_Tag_1 – Complete the Chapter III objectives.
      • Part_I_Criteria_9 – level 70 temp
      • Part_I_Criteria_10 – bs level 12 temp
      • Part_I_Criteria_11 – jeweler level 12 temp
      • Part_I_Criteria_12 – mystic level 12 temp
      • Item_All_L70_Legendaries_Title_Tag_1 – Up All Night to Get Lucky
      • Item_All_L70_Legendaries_Description_Tag_1 – Equip all Inventory slots with Legendary items that have a minimum required level of 70 or higher.
      • SeasonJourneyMainPartII_Title_Tag_2 – Chapter IV
      • SeasonJourneyMainPartII_Description_Tag_2 – Complete the Chapter IV objectives.
      • Part_I_Criteria_13 – all l70 legs temp
      • SeasonGreaterRifts10Solo_Title_Tag – The Great Divide
      • SeasonGreaterRifts10Solo_Description_Tag – Reach Greater Rift Level 10 Solo. Greater Rift Keystones drop from Rift Guardians in Nephalem Rifts.
      • Part_I_Criteria_14 – gr 10 solo temp
      • SeasonJourneyAdvancedSlayer_Title_Tag – Slayer
      • SeasonJourneyAdvancedSlayer_Description_Tag – Complete the Slayer objectives.
      • SeasonJourneyAdvancedSlayer_Criteria_1 – gr 25 solo temp
      • SeasonJourneyAdvancedChampion_Title_Tag – Champion
      • SeasonJourneyAdvancedChampion_Description_Tag – Complete the Champion objectives.
      • SeasonJourneyAdvancedChampion_Criteria_1 – gr 30 solo temp
      • SeasonJourneyAdvancedDestroyer_Title_Tag – Destroyer
      • SeasonJourneyAdvancedDestroyer_Description_Tag – Complete the Destroyer objectives.
      • SeasonJourneyAdvancedDestroyer_Criteria_1 – gr 35 solo temp
      • SeasonJourneyAdvancedConqueror_Title_Tag – Conqueror
      • SeasonJourneyAdvancedConqueror_Description_Tag – Complete the Conqueror objectives.
      • SeasonJourneyAdvancedConqueror_Criteria_1 – gr 40 solo temp
      • SeasonJourneyAdvancedGuardian_Title_Tag – Guardian
      • SeasonJourneyAdvancedGuardian_Description_Tag – Complete the Guardian objectives.
      • SeasonJourneyAdvancedGuardian_Criteria_1 – gr 50 solo temp
      • SeasonGreaterRifts25Solo_Title_Tag_1 – Great Expectations
      • SeasonGreaterRifts25Solo_Description_Tag_1 – Reach Greater Rift Level 25 Solo. In difficulties Normal through Torment I, there is a 50% chance for a Greater Rift Keystone to drop.
      • SeasonGreaterRifts30Solo_Title_Tag_1 – They’re Grrrrreat!
      • SeasonGreaterRifts30Solo_Description_Tag_1 – Reach Greater Rift Level 30 Solo. The chance for a Greater Rift

Keystone to drop scales from 50% to 100% between the Torment I and Torment VI difficulties.


      • SeasonGreaterRifts35Solo_Title_Tag_1 – For the Greater Good
      • SeasonGreaterRifts35Solo_Description_Tag_1 – Reach Greater Rift Level 35 Solo. There is a chance for an extra Greater Rift Keystone to drop in the Torment VII through Torment X difficulties.
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_Title_Tag_1 – The Longest Road
      • SeasonGreaterRifts40Solo_Description_Tag_1 – Reach Greater Rift Level 40 Solo.
      • SeasonGreaterRifts50Solo_Title_Tag – Take U There
      • SeasonGreaterRifts50Solo_Description_Tag – Reach Greater Rift Level 50 Solo.
      • SeasonUberZKSBDieSameTime_Title_Tag – Together We Are
      • SeasonUberZKSBDieSameTime_Description_Tag – Kill The Savage Behemoth and The Undying One within 5 seconds of each other on Torment VI difficulty or higher.
      • SeasonUberSKMag_Kill12Thralls_Title_Tag – The Seconds
      • SeasonUberSKMag_Kill12Thralls_Description_Tag

– Kill 12 Thralls of the Witch within 5 seconds of each other during


      the Realm of Discord encounter on Torment VI difficulty or higher.


      • SeasonBossesUberGhomRakFastKill_Title_Tag – Feed Me
      • SeasonBossesUberGhomRakFastKill_Description_Tag

– Kill The Vile Executioner and The Foul Desecrator within 30 seconds


      of starting the Realm of Chaos encounter on Torment VI difficulty or




      • BlizzCon2015_Title_Tag – blizzcon2015 temp
      • BlizzCon2015_Description_Tag – Be a part of BlizzCon 2015.
      • SeasonItemsClassSets1_Criteria_22 – Seeker of the Light
      • SeasonItemsClassSets1_Criteria_23 – Uliana’s Stratagem
      • SeasonItemsClassSets1_Criteria_24 – Spirit of Arachyr
      • SeasonGreaterRifts15Solo_1Set_Criteria_22 – Seeker of the Light
      • SeasonGreaterRifts15Solo_1Set_Criteria_23 – Uliana’s Stratagem
      • SeasonGreaterRifts15Solo_1Set_Criteria_24 – Spirit of Arachyr
      • Complete4Bounties_Title_Tag_1 – A New Start
      • Complete4Bounties_Description_Tag_1 – Complete 5 Bounties. Open up the Waypoint Map in Adventure Mode to see what Bounties are available.
      • Complete4Bounties_Title_Tag_2 – Begin Again
      • Complete4Bounties_Description_Tag_2 – Complete a Nephalem Rift. Click the Nephalem Obelisk in town while in Adventure Mode to start a Nephalem Rift.
      • Complete4Bounties_Title_Tag_3 – Socket to Me
      • Complete4Bounties_Description_Tag_3 – Socket a gem in an item. Gems and items that are socketable do not start dropping until level 15.
      • Complete4Bounties_Title_Tag_4 – Like a Boss
      • Complete4Bounties_Description_Tag_4 – Slay the Butcher, Belial, Azmodan, Diablo or Malthael.
      • SeasonJourney_ActBossesHardomplete4Bounties_Title_Tag_4 – Drop the Boss
      • SeasonJourney_ActBossesHardomplete4Bounties_Description_Tag_4 – Slay the Butcher, Belial, Azmodan, Diablo or Malthael on Hard

difficulty or higher. Higher difficulties also increase the amount of gold and experience you gain.


      • SeasonJourney_ActBossesMasteromplete4Bounties_Title_Tag_4 – All Over the World
      • SeasonJourney_ActBossesMasteromplete4Bounties_Description_Tag_4 – Slay the Butcher, Belial, Azmodan, Diablo or Malthael on Master difficulty or higher. On Master difficulty and higher, Imperial gems can drop from enemies level 61 and above.
      • Complete4Bounties_Title_Tag_5 – HARD
      • Complete4Bounties_Description_Tag_5 – Complete a Nephalem Rift on Hard difficulty or higher.
      • SeasonJourney_EquipFollower_Title_Tag – Friends with Benefits
      • SeasonJourney_EquipFollower_Description_Tag – Fully equip one of your followers.
      • SeasonJourney_CraftAnItem_Title_Tag – Build Me Up Buttercup
      • SeasonJourney_CraftAnItem_Description_Tag – Craft an item at the Blacksmith.
      • SeasonJourney_TransmogrifyAnItem_Title_Tag – Change Clothes
      • SeasonJourney_TransmogrifyAnItem_Description_Tag – Transmogrify an item at the Mystic.
      • SeasonJourney_ActBossesT1omplete4Bounties_Title_Tag_4 – I’m on Fire
      • SeasonJourney_ActBossesT1omplete4Bounties_Description_Tag_4 – Slay the Butcher, Belial, Azmodan, Diablo or Malthael on Torment I difficulty or higher. Some legendaries and class sets can only drop in Torment I difficulty or higher.
      • SeasonJourney_OdegKeywardenT1omplete4Bounties_Title_Tag_4 – Key Decisions
      • SeasonJourney_OdegKeywardenT1omplete4Bounties_Description_Tag_4 – Slay Odeg the Keywarden at level 70 on Torment I difficulty or

higher. Odeg the Keywarden can be found in Act I in the Fields of Misery.


      • SeasonJourney_SokahrKeywardenT1_Title_Tag_4 – Key Wee
      • SeasonJourney_SokahrKeywardenT1_Description_Tag_4 – Slay Sokahr the Keywarden at level 70 on Torment I difficulty or higher. Sokahr the Keywarden can be found in Act II in the Dahlgur Oasis.
      • SeasonJourney_XahRithKeywardenT1_Title_Tag_4 – Keeping it Low Key
      • SeasonJourney_XahRithKeywardenT1_Description_Tag_4 – Slay Xah’Rith the Keywarden at level 70 on Torment I difficulty or higher. Xah’Rith the Keywarden can be found in Act III in Stonefort.
      • SeasonJourney_NekaratKeywardenT1_Title_Tag_4 – The Key to Success
      • SeasonJourney_NekaratKeywardenT1_Description_Tag_4 – Slay Nekarat the Keywarden at level 70 on Torment I difficulty or higher. Nekarat the Keywarden can be found in Act IV in the Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier.
      • SeasonJourney_EnchantAnItem_Title_Tag – Penchant for Enchants
      • SeasonJourney_EnchantAnItem_Description_Tag – Replace a property on an item with Enchanting at the Mystic. Enchanting is very useful for replacing an unwanted primary affix on a near-perfect item.
      • SeasonJourney_UberSKMaghdaT1_Title_Tag_4 – The Realm of Discord
      • SeasonJourney_UberSKMaghdaT1_Description_Tag_4

– Slay The King of the Dead and The Merciless Witch at level 70 on Torment I difficulty or higher. The Infernal Machine for the Realm of Discord drops from Odeg the Keywarden in the Fields of Misery.


  • SeasonJourney_UberSiegebreakerZKT1_Title_Tag_4 – The Realm of Turmoil
  • SeasonJourney_UberSiegebreakerZKT1_Description_Tag_4 – Slay The Savage Behemoth and The Undying One at level 70 on Torment I difficulty or higher. The Infernal Machine for the Realm of Turmoil drops from Xah’Rith the Keywarden in Stonefort.
  • SeasonJourney_UberRakanothGhomT1_Title_Tag_4 – The Realm of Chaos
  • SeasonJourney_UberRakanothGhomT1_Description_Tag_4 – Slay The Vile Executioner and The Foul Desecrator at level 70 on Torment I difficulty or higher. The Infernal Machine for the Realm of Chaos drops from Sokahr the Keywarden in the Dahlgur Oasis.
  • SeasonJourney_3Gems_25_Title_Tag_4 – Gem’s the Breaks
  • SeasonJourney_3Gems_25_Description_Tag_4 – Level three Legendary Gems to level 25. Legendary Gems unlock a secondary power at level 25.
  • SeasonJourney_3Gems_30_Title_Tag_4 – Up and At Gem
  • SeasonJourney_3Gems_30_Description_Tag_4 – Level three Legendary Gems to level 30.
  • SeasonJourney_3Gems_35_Title_Tag_4 – Insane in the Gembrane
  • SeasonJourney_3Gems_35_Description_Tag_4 – Level three Legendary Gems to level 35.
  • SeasonJourney_3Gems_40_Title_Tag_4 – Gem of My Life
  • SeasonJourney_3Gems_40_Description_Tag_4 – Level three Legendary Gems to level 40.
  • SeasonJourney_3Gems_50_Title_Tag_4 – Gem Fatale
  • SeasonJourney_3Gems_50_Description_Tag_4 – Level three Legendary Gems to level 50.
  • SeasonJourney_UberDiablo_T6_Title_Tag_4 – You Gotta Pay the Troll Toll
  • SeasonJourney_UberDiablo_T6_Description_Tag_4 – Slay the Soul of Evil at level 70 on Torment VI difficulty or higher. The Infernal Machine for the Realm of Fright drops from Nekarat the Keywarden in the Gardens of Hope 2nd Tier.
  • Complete4Bounties_Title_Tag_6 – I Got 5 On It
  • Complete4Bounties_Description_Tag_6 – Finish a level 70 Nephalem Rift on Torment VI difficulty within 5 minutes.
  • Complete4Bounties_Title_Tag_7 – Five for Fighting
  • Complete4Bounties_Description_Tag_7 – Finish a level 70 Nephalem Rift on Torment VII difficulty within 5 minutes.
  • Complete4Bounties_Title_Tag_8 – 4AM
  • Complete4Bounties_Description_Tag_8 – Finish a level 70 Nephalem Rift on Torment VIII difficulty within 4 minutes.
  • Complete4Bounties_Title_Tag_9 – Three’s Company
  • Complete4Bounties_Description_Tag_9 – Finish a level 70 Nephalem Rift on Torment IX difficulty within 3 minutes.
  • Complete4Bounties_Title_Tag_10 – 2 Fast 2 Furious
  • Complete4Bounties_Description_Tag_10 – Finish a level 70 Nephalem Rift on Torment X difficulty within 2 minutes.
  • SeasonJourney_1Conquest_Title_Tag_4 – Easy
  • SeasonJourney_1Conquest_Description_Tag_4 – Complete 1 Conquest this Season.
  • SeasonJourney_2Conquest_Title_Tag_4 – All I Do is Win
  • SeasonJourney_2Conquest_Description_Tag_4 – Complete 2 Conquests this Season.
  • SeasonJourney_3Conquest_Title_Tag_4 – Flawless Victory
  • SeasonJourney_3Conquest_Description_Tag_4 – Complete 3 Conquests this Season.
  • Level_10_Title_Tag_5 – The Hardest of the Core
  • Level_10_Description_Tag_5 – Reach level 70 in Hardcore mode.
  • SeasonJourney_Greed_T6_Title_Tag_4 – Money Ain’t a Thang
  • SeasonJourney_Greed_T6_Description_Tag_4 – Slay Greed on Torment VI difficulty or higher. Treasure Goblins outside of Nephalem Rifts will sometimes open portals to Greed’s domain, The Vault.
  • Part_I_Criteria_15 – complete 5 bounties temp
  • Part_I_Criteria_16 – complete a nephalem riftt temp
  • Part_I_Criteria_17 – Socket to Me
  • Part_I_Criteria_18 – slay any act boss temp
  • Part_I_Criteria_19 – complete rift hard temp
  • Part_I_Criteria_20 – Friends with Benefits
  • Part_I_Criteria_21 – slay bosses hard temp
  • Part_I_Criteria_22 – craft an item temp
  • Part_I_Criteria_23 – slay boss master temp
  • Part_I_Criteria_24 – transmog temp
  • Part_I_Criteria_26 – slay bosses t1 temp
  • Part_I_Criteria_27 – odeg temp
  • Part_I_Criteria_28 – sokahr temp
  • Part_I_Criteria_29 – xah’rith temp
  • Part_I_Criteria_30 – nekarat temp
  • Part_I_Criteria_31 – enchant temp
  • Part_I_Criteria_33 – uber sk maghda temp
  • Part_I_Criteria_34 – uber siegebreaker zk temp
  • Part_I_Criteria_35 – uber rakanoth ghom temp
  • Part_I_Criteria_36 – mystic level 5 temp
  • Part_I_Criteria_37 – t6 rift 5min temp
  • Part_I_Criteria_42 – uber diablo t6 temp
  • Part_I_Criteria_43 – mystic level 5 temp
  • Part_I_Criteria_44 – t7 rift 5min temp
  • Part_I_Criteria_46 – 1 conquest temp
  • Part_I_Criteria_47 – 3gems 35 temp
  • Part_I_Criteria_48 – t8 4min temp
  • Part_I_Criteria_50 – 2 conquest temp
  • Part_I_Criteria_51 – mystic level 5 temp
  • Part_I_Criteria_52 – mystic level 5 temp
  • Part_I_Criteria_55 – 3 conquest temp
  • Part_I_Criteria_56 – t10 rift 2min temp
  • Part_I_Criteria_57 – 3gem 50 temp
  • Part_I_Criteria_58 – l70 hardcore temp
  • Part_I_Criteria_59 – mystic level 5 temp
  • SeasonJourney_ImperialGem_Title_Tag – The Rock
  • SeasonJourney_ImperialGem_Description_Tag – Craft a Gem of Imperial or greater quality at the Jeweler. Socketing an Emerald into your weapon increases your Critical Hit Damage, and is a big damage boost.
  • Part_I_Criteria_25 – imperial gem temp
  • CraftingKanaisCubeExtractPower1_Title_Tag – Level 1 Cubist
  • CraftingKanaisCubeExtractPower1_Description_Tag – Extract a Legendary power using Kanai’s Cube.
  • CraftingKanaisCubeExtractPower1_Criteria_1 – Crafting_KanaisCube_ExtractPower_1 Criteria 1
  • CraftingKanaisCubeExtractPower10_Title_Tag – Level 10 Cubist
  • CraftingKanaisCubeExtractPower10_Description_Tag – Extract 10 Legendary powers using Kanai’s Cube.
  • CraftingKanaisCubeExtractPower10_Criteria_1 – Crafting_KanaisCube_ExtractPower_1 Criteria 1
  • CraftingKanaisCubeExtractPower25_Title_Tag – Level 25 Cubist
  • CraftingKanaisCubeExtractPower25_Description_Tag – Extract 25 Legendary powers using Kanai’s Cube.
  • CraftingKanaisCubeExtractPower25_Criteria_1 – Crafting_KanaisCube_ExtractPower_1 Criteria 1
  • CraftingKanaisCubeExtractPower50_Title_Tag – Level 50 Cubist
  • CraftingKanaisCubeExtractPower50_Description_Tag – Extract 50 Legendary powers using Kanai’s Cube.
  • CraftingKanaisCubeExtractPower50_Criteria_1 – Crafting_KanaisCube_ExtractPower_1 Criteria 1
  • CraftingKanaisCubeExtractPower75_Title_Tag – Level 100 Cubist
  • CraftingKanaisCubeExtractPower75_Description_Tag – Extract 100 Legendary powers using Kanai’s Cube.
  • CraftingKanaisCubeExtractPower75_Criteria_1 – Crafting_KanaisCube_ExtractPower_1 Criteria 1
  • CraftingKanaisCubeExtractPower1_Title_Tag_1 – Cubed
  • CraftingKanaisCubeExtractPower1_Description_Tag_1 – Extract a Legendary power using Kanai’s Cube. Kanai’s Cube can be found in Act III in The Ruins of Sescheron.
  • CraftingKanaisCubeExtractPower1_Criteria_2 – Crafting_KanaisCube_ExtractPower_1 Criteria 1
  • CraftingKanaisCubeExtractPower10_Title_Tag_1 – It Was a Good Day
  • CraftingKanaisCubeExtractPower10_Description_Tag_1 – Extract 10 Legendary powers using Kanai’s Cube.
  • CraftingKanaisCubeExtractPower10_Criteria_2 – Crafting_KanaisCube_ExtractPower_1 Criteria 1
  • CraftingKanaisCubeExtractPower25_Title_Tag_1 – Check Yo Self
  • CraftingKanaisCubeExtractPower25_Description_Tag_1 – Extract 25 Legendary powers using Kanai’s Cube.
  • CraftingKanaisCubeExtractPower25_Criteria_2 – Crafting_KanaisCube_ExtractPower_1 Criteria 1
  • CraftingKanaisCubeExtractPower50_Title_Tag_1 – You Can Do It
  • CraftingKanaisCubeExtractPower50_Description_Tag_1 – Extract 50 Legendary powers using Kanai’s Cube.
  • CraftingKanaisCubeExtractPower50_Criteria_2 – Crafting_KanaisCube_ExtractPower_1 Criteria 1
  • CraftingKanaisCubeExtractPower75_Title_Tag_1 – Kanai’s Excellent Adventure
  • CraftingKanaisCubeExtractPower75_Description_Tag_1 – Extract 100 Legendary powers using Kanai’s Cube.
  • CraftingKanaisCubeExtractPower75_Criteria_2 – Crafting_KanaisCube_ExtractPower_1 Criteria 1
  • CraftingKanaisCubeExtractPower75_Title_Tag_2 – Cow and Cheese Connoisseur
  • CraftingKanaisCubeExtractPower75_Description_Tag_2 – Extract 75 Legendary powers using Kanai’s Cube.
  • CraftingKanaisCubeExtractPower75_Criteria_3 – Crafting_KanaisCube_ExtractPower_1 Criteria 1
  • Chapter_IV_Criteria__Kanais_Cube – Chapter IV Criteria – Kanai’s Cube
  • Slayer_Criteria__Kanais_Cube – Slayer Criteria – Kanai’s Cube
  • Champion_Criteria__Kanais_Cube – Champion Criteria – Kanai’s Cube
  • Destroyer_Criteria__Kanais_Cube – Destroyer Criteria – Kanai’s Cube
  • Conqueror_Criteria__Kanais_Cube – Conqueror Criteria – Kanai’s Cube
  • Guardian_Criteria__Kanais_Cube – Guardian Criteria – Kanai’s Cube



  • Line4: You have access to a wondrous artifact of old, and that’s what you want to do with it? Very well…
  • Line5: Small minds, small goals. I won’t judge. Hahahaha.
  • Line6: Brilliant.
  • Line7: Hahahaha.
  • Line8: Not your worst idea. Not quite.
  • Line9: You’re imaginative, aren’t you?
  • Line10: Yes, I see.
  • Line11: If that is what you want…
  • Line12: Not what I would do, but when has that stopped you?
  • Line13: I suppose that will work.
  • Line14: Hm? Oh very well.


  • Line0: Yes, I live once more. I’m very hard to kill and really, you did a sloppy job. But enough small talk. I need your help.
  • Line1: An artifact lies in the ruins of Sescheron, guarded by the spirit of a mighty warrior who will only grant it to the „worthy“.
  • Line2: I think you’ll have a better chance of impressing this spirit than I. Aid me in this, and I’ll use the artifact to help you.


  • Line4: Kanai’s Cube! Excellent. You and I will do great things with this, my friend.


  • Line2: Benedictus es deam Nereza maximum est. Nostra digni gratia tua et amor.


  • Line0: I did not believe the legends—all true! This island, it rots you from within. We never should have come here…


  • Line0: The island must be fed lest the evil spread.
  • Line2: You must submit or everyone will die? Why do you fight me?
  • Line0: What have you… wait. We’ve done this before, haven’t we?
  • Line1: What have you done? The totems must remain intact. The island demands it!
  • Line2: Benedictus es deam Nereza maximum est. Nostra digni gratia tua et amor!
  • Line0: I know you. You killed me before, didn’t you? Or hasn’t that happened yet?
  • Line2: We’re going to fight again? Will you kill me this time, or will I kill you? No matter what happens, the island feeds!
  • Line1: What? How dare you! I have spent lifetimes, and you, you… aaagh!
  • Line3: Why do you stop me? Can’t you hear the island? She’s crying. She must be fed!


  • Line2M: Welcome, and be at peace my son. In giving your life you shall sustain us all, and blessings will be showered upon us in the afterlife, where you will soon join me.
  • Line2F: Welcome, and be at peace my daughter. In giving your life you shall sustain us all, and blessings will be showered upon us in the afterlife, where you will soon join me.


  • Line0: You are finally here. It has been long years since I saw you last.There is only one thing left, now. My spirit must be cleansed.
  • Line0: Thank you, thank you. I have waited for this respite for so long. You have freed me from my torment.


  • Line6: I always thought we would endure. We had honor and courage, and I thought it was enough. But it wasn’t.


  • Line6: These traps were built during the Westmarch wars as a final line of defense.


  • Line6: I will flay those Khazra alive for violating these halls.


  • Line6: I never liked those two.
  • Line7: Skular, is something wrong?
  • Line6: Tala was my friend. She fought by my side in many battles.
  • Line8: I’m sorry.
  • Line9: Why?
  • Line10: But…
  • Line11: Those who give in to dark magics deserve their fate.
  • Line6: Garan was a coward, a disgrace to the Council and our people. He was among the first to flee when Kanai was lost.
  • Line6: I wished I’d killed Aletur sooner. Brave warrior. Didn’t deserve the life of an Unclean.
  • Line6: Unclean cannibals.


  • Line6: Demons. The only thing worse than Khazra.


  • Line6Barb: Our people must be buried on the slopes of Arreat. But Arreat is no more, so we wander forever.
  • Line6: The people of the tribes must be buried on the slopes of Arreat. But Arreat is no more, so we wander forever.


  • Line6: Can we put him back in the cage?


  • Line7Barb: There was talk of Elder Kanai being the next Immortal King. He was revered by barbarians everywhere, as you well know.
  • Line7: We were lost after the Westmarch wars, before Kanai joined the council. Had he had the time to take the throne, Baal could never have defeated us.
  • Line7: We put Kanai on the throne after he died as a tribute to his greatness.
  • Line8: I wonder what would have happened if he had lived? Bah, there is no point.


  • Line7: With all this destruction, there could be more areas like this. We should stay alert.


  • Line8: Sescheron is no more. All these years, and it still pains me to look at it.


  • Line0: These beasts bring dishonor to this sacred place!


  • Line6: I have kept you safe in Sescheron, but now I must return to my vigil.


  • Line0Barb: We had no idea there were still other children of Bul-Kathos in this world.
  • Line0: We had no idea there were still other warriors in this world.
  • Line1: I believe thanks are in order, as we just rescued you, though I am surprised barbarians could be caught so easily by common Khazra.
  • Line2Barb: Easily? Ha! We were tending to the wounds we earned slaughtering cannibals when we were set upon by these mindless beasts.
  • Line4: These Khazra swine never could have taken us if we had not been busy tending to the wounds we earned slaughtering cannibals.
  • Line5Barb: You have earned my protection, for a time. Enough talk. The enemies of our people need killing.
  • Line5: You have earned my protection, for a time. Enough talk. The enemies of my people need killing.


  • Line0: This is my home. I will die before I let Khazra infest it.


  • Line0: My brothers are off to continue clearing the vermin out of Sescheron.
  • Line0: Die Khazra swine!


  • Line5: Your civilization was much nobler than most people realized.
  • Line4: Do not tell me about my own people.
  • Line0: People once thought of the barbarians as savages, but their civilization was actually based on honor and nobility.


  • Line10: Your people’s belief that they must be buried on Arreat to find peace has sentenced your dead to eternal wandering.
  • Line4: Shall we see what happens to your kind after they die?
  • Line8Barb: Your people’s belief that they must be buried on Arreat to find peace has sentenced your dead to eternal wandering.
  • Line8: The barbarians believe they must be buried on Mt. Arreat to find peace. Now that it is gone, they are cursed to wander eternally.


  • Line6: The Khazra are insidious trap makers.
  • Line4: They will soon be dead trap makers.


  • Line0: These cannibals are obviously driven by black acrimonious humours.
  • Line1: No. They have fallen to dark magics. There is no other way.
  • Line0: Humours.
  • Line6: Dark magics.


  • Line5: Demons! Kill them!! Kill them!!!
  • Line4: Feel free to just stand around screaming.


  • Line0: Wait! You can’t mean to leave me here! I’m going with you!
  • Line0: Well, we can’t cry over the past forever.
  • MenuLabel: Hazir’s Torment
  • Line4: I managed to befriend one of my captors, Kalvesan, by constantly acting the fool and pleading for my life. Then, we were set upon.
  • Line5: Kalvesan, bless him, freed me before confronting the attackers. I quickly took advantage of his heroic sacrifice and made my escape.
  • Line6: As he screamed his last, I swore his death would not be in vain. Sadly, I was soon captured by the Khazra and was unable to avenge him.
  • Line3: Help! Please free me from this miserable cage!
  • Line0: I am not accustomed to standing around; I’m a man of action!
  • MenuLabel: I am Abd al-Hazir
  • Line0: Greetings! I am Abd al-Hazir, you may have heard of me? And my disappearance? No?
  • Line1: Well, I was captured months ago by the Coven in retaliation for secretly observing one of their rituals.
  • Line2M: But you, sir, have secured your place in the history books by rescuing me, I can assure you. No, no, no—no thanks are necessary.


  • Line6Barb: Have you heard of the great barbarian elder Kanai? Silly me, of course you have, he was your people’s best hope for the future.
  • Line6: Have you heard of the great elder Kanai? He was the barbarian civilization’s best hope; and their final one, as it turns out.
  • Line4: You talk just to hear your own voice, don’t you?


  • Line7: It is—
  • Line4: Silence. You will not speak in the presence of the great Kanai.
  • Line8: It is strange they have placed Kanai’s corpse on the Immortal Throne, as he died before he could be crowned king.
  • Line0: Safety at last! You have not only my eternal thanks, but also the thanks of the world at large for rescuing me.
  • Line6Barb: You seem quite intelligent, especially for a barbarian.
  • Line6Wiz: You gained quite a reputation from your youth in Caldeum! You don’t seem half as bad as they say.
  • Line6WitchDoc: You are an impressive warrior, despite your rudimentary beliefs. An unseen land filled with spirits? How droll!
  • Line6Monk: You are an impressive warrior, despite your rudimentary beliefs. It must be difficult keeping all those gods straight.
  • Line6DHunter: You are so dedicated! You cling to the idea that you can rid the world of demons, when it is demonstrably untrue!
  • Line6Crusader: It impresses me that someone with your intelligence continues to adhere to their religion when it has been so thoroughly discredited.
  • Line8Barb: I thought lying in wait for cannibals for 20 years was tedious. Then I met you.


  • Line10: You know, people have compared me to the great historians and philosophers – Brast, Lysra, Jeram, Valthek.
  • Line11: Humility prevents me from commenting on such things, of course.
  • Line0: Yes, yes, very good. I of course spotted this immediately; I was interested to see if you would find it as well.
  • Line6Barb: Ahhh, Sescheron, the once grand capital of the whole of your civilization. Every stone exudes memories of its violent fall.
  • Line6: Aaah, Sescheron, the once grand capital of the whole of barbarian civilization. Every stone exudes memories of its violent fall.
  • Line4: You talk of things you don’t understand.
  • Line7: I beg to differ. I was held against my will for months. I now know what hell truly is.


  • Line0: Spikes? Not a very welcoming place, is it?
  • Line3: They serve their purpose.
  • Line0: I take my leave of you.
  • Line6: Khazra. Pfft. Lice ridden mongrels. They steal human babies. You don’t want to know what they do with them.


  • Line0: These things mock my people’s traditions—they will pay.
  • Line3: What? Spirits? That’s… that’s unfair! We killed them already!
  • Line4: We?
  • Line0: These beasts are so retched even death doesn’t want them.

Lore Strings


  • Line0: The smell of wild Khazra is terrifying, but at least they are firmly in the world of flesh and blood creatures. The ice Khazra lack any scent at all, and this makes them seem not of this world.


  • Line0: I did not think anything could make me more miserable than I already was, being dragged from camp to camp by ignorant cultists, but then these ice porcupines began to show up in the night to harass me with their ice quills. Unfortunately, being caged, I could not beat them off with my shoe.


  • Line0: The hallucinations are getting worse. I saw a giant made of water today. This apparition coughed up a seething mass of crustaceans before it disappeared beneath the waves. I watched these things dismember and consume everything they encountered. I have named them amputators, even though I am not sure they are real.


  • Line0: I can’t recall if these things were always here or if they were drawn by the island’s emanations. They are vicious beyond compare, but I have found, through painful trial and error, that if their idols are not disturbed they will keep to the caves. Their particular evil must wait until I deduce a way to eradicate or control them.

Conv_Lore_Bestiary_P4_Oozing Arachnid

  • Line0: These… things are have no body, they are simple constructs of magical energy, amplified and contained by their armor. As for who created them, I cannot say. Hm… could I have done this?


  • Line0: This creature is the most unsettling of all the natural denizens of Sanctuary. The male of the species carries the eggs which the female deposits on his back. In their larval state, they burrow into the male’s back, creating visible protrusions. They eat their way out of these protrusions when the host is attacked.


  • Line0: The sasquatch were once men, changed by the evil of the island into the monstrous beasts they are now. Or, wait… did I change them to save them from the evil? Or to combat the evil for me? Hm.


  • Line0: Is it right that I bent the will of these juvenile wood wraiths to my ends? Even though they were only mindless predators, all of natures‘ beings deserve to be free. Instead, I have made them slaves to my eternal quest—another act for which I must someday pay.


  • Line0: The Cube was used by my Horadrim brothers in many of their most complex rituals. When its potential became clear, they began to fear its power, the fools. They hid it away, even from me, and created a less powerful implement, the Horadric Cube, which they used for many years.
  • Line0: I never stopped looking for Kanai’s Cube. Finally, I learned that they had entrusted it to a secret society of barbarians. The last of these, Kanai, died in Baal’s invasion of Sescheron. His spirit guards it still, and he is unlikely to give it to me. But I know someone who can impress even the mighty Kanai.
  • Line0: The nephalem, that fool, actually killed me. Of course this was not my first time stepping through that door, and I imagine it won’t be my last. Fortunately, I am well prepared. Some would say that animating a constructed body with preserved memories is not truly coming back to life. I say those fools don’t understand the sheer wonder of being Zoltun Kulle.
  • Line0: They never listen. The small minds that surround me ignore my greatness- and then kill me! First the Horadrim, those plodding fools. Then the nephalem! Imagine if that one had listened? We would have angels and demons for servants. We’d be riding them like horses. Perhaps I am being unkind. It’s not that their minds are so small, it’s just that mine is so large.


  • Line0: Rayeld has strayed. But I maintain hope, for there is no joy to be found that can compare to our worship. Very few grasp the transcendent relationship between the rituals and our goddess. I… I know my son has the true sight, and, one day, he will once again embrace our faith completely.
  • Line0: Rayeld’s behavior is becoming more and more erratic. I think he actually believes our sacrifices cruel, but we are all simply instruments of Nereza in this life. I pray that he will come to understand how important they are, for the goddess must be fed or evil shall prevail. Perhaps tomorrow’s ritual will open his eyes to the truth.
  • Line0: Awaken. Obey. Sacrifice.


  • Line0: I can barely contain myself. After so many years of studying, my time has finally come. Tomorrow I wield the sacrificial knife for the first time. I am certain the goddess Nereza will find me pure when she gazes into my soul and receives my offering.
  • Line0: Thank the goddess my father did not see. My hand shook, and I was sick to my stomach. During every other sacrifice I have witnessed, I only experienced the joy of the offering. But holding the knife, looking into their eyes as they die… for the first time, I doubt my faith.
  • Line0: My father knows, I can see it in his eyes. But now that I understand what our religion truly is, I cannot let it continue. If Nereza knows what is in my heart, then I am already damned, so I might as well do something worthwhile to earn it.
  • Line0: As I approached the sacrifice, knife in hand, I saw her pleading eyes. Until that moment, I was unsure whether I could really do it, With a clear conscience, I turned the blade on my father and freed the girl, who I now know as Sara. Fortunately, the worshippers were too stunned to stop our escape.
  • Line0: Nereza was no goddess, though I can’t say what she was. She had human eyes, but her visage was more that of some hideous demon. And when I killed her, I felt that evil flow through me into the very island itself. Then, it… it took Sara.
  • Line0: Everyone is calling me a hero now. If they only knew. No hero does the things that I have, and for what? They think that I have freed them, but I have damned us all.
  • Line0: What I am about to do will torment me forever. But I have no choice. It is my fault, therefore I must set it right and do whatever it takes to keep this evil from spreading and poisoning the whole world.


  • Line0: Day 1 An inexplicable tide arose from nowhere, dashing our ship on the rocks, and now we are stranded. Could the old myths actually be true? Regardless, since our plan to study this infamous place was the talk of many, I am certain we’ll be rescued before long. In the meantime, my research awaits.
  • Line0: Day 6 It is odd—I feel the island’s malevolence weighing upon me, and hear screams on the wind—but no one has lived here for millennia. We’ve only been here days, but my crew has the look of men who have been stranded for months. I find myself contemplating the impossible: is this island truly evil, or am I going mad?
  • Line0: Day 23 Our lot is an unfortunate one. Some of us have been lost to madness, some have disappeared, and some have dropped dead for no apparent reason. And who or what is the crazed hermit with his bizarre rituals? When he attacked Smythe I was forced to kill him, yet I saw him this morning, alive. Terrifying.
  • Line0: Day… day… I no longer know what day it is. I am forced to admit that our plan was ill conceived at best. Being the last survivor, it falls to me to rid this world of that madman if it’s the last thing I do. I have lost count of how many times I have already killed him; I can only pray that this time it takes.


  • Line0: Baal has invaded Sescheron, but we will fight until we are no more. For we are all that stands between him and our sacred Mountain – and I swear by the blood of Bul-Kathos, hell will pay dearly for each of our deaths.
  • Line0: Chief Elder Kanai was the best of us. He could have been the next Immortal King. None have come close to bringing the tribes together since Worusk, but Kanai could have been the one to change that with his indomitable spirit. Though as strong as three warriors, his true strength lay in his compassion.
  • Line0: We showed Baal and his army what it meant to fight true warriors, but when Kanai was killed it froze the spirits of our bloodied ranks. That was when the battle was lost, for he was truly our king.
  • Line0: Dren, the last of our seers, prophesied the darkness would soon pass. He was wrong. Mount Arreat exploded, and took our souls with it. Many of our dwindling number were lost that day to madness and worse. They are the Unclean.
  • Line0: The years wear on us all. Only a few still live, but we have made a good account of ourselves, killing all but the most vicious of the flesh eaters. To think they were once our kin… as long as even one of them still lives we are all shamed.

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Endlich wird Diablo 3 so wie es hätte bereits bei Release sein sollen, um ein würdiger Nachfolger vom bombastischen Diablo II zu werden. Schade nur, dass es dazu 3 Jahre dauern musste!

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