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Diablo 3 PTR – Patch 1.0.7 – Liste bekannter Probleme

Momentan steht es jedem Spieler von Diablo 3 frei, sich Inhalte des kommenden Patches 1.0.7 auf Testservern schon einmal anzuschauen und gegebenenfalls Blizzard Rückmeldungen über Fehler und Probleme zu geben oder Verbesserungsvorschläge in den passenden Foren zu machen.

Damit jeder Spieler, der sich auf dem Public Test Realm (Abkürzung: PTR) tummelt, einigermaßen einen Überblick darüber erhält, welche Probleme bereits bekannt sind, veröffentlichte Blizzard auch zum Test des PvP-Duell-Patches ein Liste bekannter Probleme, die regelmäßig aktualisiert wird.

Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.7 – Liste bekannter Probleme

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  • It is possible to not be able to receive the “Bashanishu” achievement if you hit Bashiok using a Basic Attack (not a skill).
  • The Demon Hunter achievement „Bleed, You Filth!“ is not granted the first time you complete the criteria.
  • The Demon Hunter achievement „Death Trap“ is not granted the first time you complete the criteria.
  • The “Haunted” achievement criteria will not be met when the mob is killed by an ally or pet without the player tagging it.
  • The „Self Sufficient“ achievement is not awarded the first time you kill the boss and meet the achievement.
  • Subjugators do not count towards the achievements „We Are Champions“ and „Champion’s Collection“.
  • Rare Colossal Golgor monsters will not give credit for the „Rare Kill“ achievement when killed.

Auction House

  • There is no tooltip that explains the dynamic sort filter.


  • Attempting to use Character Copy on the PTR after a successful Character Copy results in Error 395015.


  • Followers can become hostile to non-host players.
  • Demon Hunter – Companion: The cleave attack target areas from Wolf and Spider companions are not tall enough to hit monsters above them.
  • Witch Doctor – Hex: Hexed targets are not displaying damage numbers above their heads.
  • Wizard – Archon: There are several actions triggering Archon to be cast while assigned to the left mouse button that did not do so before patch 1.0.5.
  • Wizard – Critical Mass: Critical Mass is not affecting Teleport or Slow Time when Archon is activated.


  • MinMaxDam Affix is calculating the damage bonus on weapon incorrectly.
  • The Murlocket no longer drops in game.
  • The new Account Bound crafted items from the Jeweler and the Blacksmith do not follow the same order as the Hellfire Rings.


  • The Reflects Damage affix can reflect more than 10% of a target’s max health back to an attacker.
  • The Skeleton King and The King of the Dead can use the whirlwind attack without playing the animation.


  • Act 1 – Slaughtered Calf Inn: Nek the Brawler can be killed by the zombies inside The Slaughtered Calf Inn.
  • Act 4 – The Pinnacle of Heaven: There can be two Tyraels in the cutscene on „Prime Evil : Climb to the Pinnacle of Heaven in the Silver Spire“ during a multiplayer game.

User Interface

  • Attempting to edit more than 27 Key Bindings will cause changes to Key Bindings, Gameplay, and Social settings to not be changed.

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